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Bring Your Vision to Life with Positive Affirmation Cards

It's time to take action & make your dreams reality!

The Science Behind Positive Affirmations

There’s no magic or alternative beliefs. Positive affirmations have been studied by researchers to learn more about the effect they have. Keep reading to learn how this powerful yet simple tool can transform your life and help you achieve your goals.

How Positive Affirmations work

Ready to get started with Positive Affirmations?

Start by choosing a theme below that matches your goal.

Love these affirmations! I printed all of them and some of them went onto sticker paper so that I can stick them into my bullet journal. Others may be posted in special places in my house, like my mirror and bedside table. These are great and high quality!

Renee on 26 Jun, 2021

Easy to download pdf! The instructions were easy and they printed great! I also love the option to print in just black. Thank you so much!

Carmen on 19 Jul, 2021

Amazing purchase. Will definitely buy more sets. Easy to download, great minimalistic design, cards can be customised to different colours using the black and white template.

Deborah on 21 Sep, 2021

The perfect gift for a new business owner! Love this and love the fact they are printable. I have been looking for something just like this but printed and couldn't find anything, so it's great to find these that I can print at home and then gift. Thank you!

Rebecca on 28 Apr, 2022

I actually made these as a gift for my best friend. She is currently divorcing her abusive husband. Her whole life is just encompassed with so much negativity that she sometimes feels like an infection she says. So every day I have started saying affirmations to her without her knowing my intent. So for Mother’s Day I made her this gorgeous set of cards and the box and was able to add the ones in I have been saying to her recently too. It was so easy to make and they came out lovely! Thank you!

Shauna on 12 May, 2022

Why Use Positive Affirmation Cards?

Positive affirmations help you to address areas within your life that you find challenging. Showing gratitude or self-love, being mindful or seeking a loving relationship, daily use of affirmation cards is a powerful tool to help transform your mindset, release blockages & achieve your goals.

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How to Make Mini Affirmation Stickers for Journals & Planners

It's super easy to make stickers from your Printable Affirmation Cards! They're perfect for journaling, scrapbooking, and decorating. All you need is a printer and sticker paper.

Sticker Making Tutorial

Custom Affirmation Cards

This option allows you to have your own branding, affirmations, and colors on a set of printable affirmation cards.

Design Custom Affirmations

Craft Ideas & Inspiration