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Bring Your Vision to Life with Positive Affirmation Cards

It's time to take action & make your dreams reality ✨

There’s more to positive thinking than meets the eye & it all starts with positive affirmation cards.

Designed for women who are ready to take action and realise their hopes and dreams, our printable affirmation cards are ideal for adding to vision boards.


Use Positive Affirmation Cards

Positive affirmations help you to address areas within your life that you find challenging. Showing gratitude or self-love, being mindful or seeking a loving relationship, daily use of affirmation cards is a powerful tool to help transform your mindset, release blockages & achieve your goals.
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The Science Behind Positive Affirmations

There’s no magic, nor are there any alternative beliefs. Positive affirmations have been studied by researchers to learn more about the effect they have. Keep reading to learn how this powerful yet simple tool can transform your life and help you achieve your goals.
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Let Customers Speak For Us

from over 193 reviews

Firstly customer service was excellent - Steph replied quickly to my online request and the stickers and kits arrived really quickly too, which considering I'm in the UK and we're in the depths of a pandemic was excellent. These will be perfect motivational prompts for my events and mini wellness workshops on my retreats too.

Ruth from Surrey, UK

These are AWESOME! I love the fonts, the variety of positive messages and quotes, the colors (though I chose to print on colored paper for now). The instructions are clear and helpful and even includes a print out to make a box to hold all the cards! This is a phenomenal product and an amazing value. GET THESE CARDS!

Katherine from Massachusetts, USA

Love love love this... Comes with a great amount so you can switch them out to see some new messages! Put them on a cork board in my room.

Cierra Allen from Fairfield, USA

These cards are absolutely everything!!! ... I’m obsessed! I will continue to order until I have all of them! Perfect purchase- love that color and black/white options are provided. I’m in love!

Serena Eagan from Michigan, USA

I got this as a gift for my boyfriend's mom since it suits her well, and I think she will find a lot of inspiration and creativity when opening this gift and going through all of the remarkable quotes. 100% a good purchase, and can be used multiple times!

Cali from USA

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