Discover the trick to setting goals that work.

What do you want to achieve?

I want to set goals & develop healthy habits.

You’re ready to take control of your life and develop a plan to get there. You’re ready to start living the life you dream about. We’ll cover how to choose your next goal, the trick to defining it, and what to do when things start to fall off track (it’s actually part of the process!).

I want to be happier & healthier.

You’re ready to feel good about the body you’re in, you want to nourish it and treat it well so you feel energetic, happy, and confident. We’ll cover nutritionist Michelle Yandle’s advice on how the way forward is not a weight-centric method, but one that focusses on how you want to feel. 

I want to be good with money.

You’re ready to be debt free, live comfortably between pays, have savings in the bank, and have a plan for your financial future. We’ll cover financial advice from Dave Ramsey and Scott Pape, look at ways to boost your income, as well as how to budget effectively.

I want to shift my mindset.

You’re ready to embark on a journey of gratitude, you want to feel optimistic, confident and calm. But most importantly, you want to feel in control of your thoughts. We’ll cover these topics with life coach Tara Jackson on how to shift your mindset.

The Barefoot Investor Summary Steps 1 to 3 For Financial Freedom

Scott Pape of the Barefoot Investor Summary put together his top 10 ways to make your money work for you. Let’s look at steps 1-3 for financial freedom now.

how to create a digital vision board

Create a digital vision board for your phone, tablet, laptop and computer for when you’re not at home. Learn how to create a digital vision board today!


How do you change the negative aspect of your internal dialogue? There are ways to hit the pause button and change how you think. Let’s have a look…

how to improve your stickability

The inability to commit is a common human trait that everybody experiences – some more than others. Here’s how to improve your stickability.

Printable affirmations to shift your mindset:

Who is The Daily Goalgetter?

Steph 250 bw 2

Hi, I'm Steph 🙂

I started TDG because I couldn’t find a planner that was:

  • Made for tracking goals
  • Had a layout that was actually useful
  • Looked pretty

I had a lot I wanted to achieve, but the goal planner selection just wasn’t there. And I wasn’t about to drop my standards and use one of those standard, boring, visually offensive, planners from a local office supply store.

But there was still one more thing I wanted this planner to do… To show you HOW to reach your goals. It’s no good starting & tracking a goal when you have no idea how to get there.

And the 90-Day Goal Planner does this with 4 different personality tests for you before starting your goal. Helping you find your unique goal-getter type.

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