Hi, I’m Steph!

I started TDG because I couldn’t find a planner that was:

  • Made for tracking goals
  • Had a layout that was actually useful
  • Looked pretty

I had a lot I wanted to achieve, but the goal planner selection just wasn’t there. And I wasn’t about to drop my standards and use one of those standard, boring, visually offensive, planners from a local office supply store.

But there was still one more thing I wanted this planner to do…
To show you HOW to reach your goals.

It’s no good starting & tracking a goal when you have no idea how to get there.

And the goal planner does this with 4 different personality tests for you before starting your goal. Helping you find your unique goal-getter type.

(You can even get your friends & family to take the tests and find their goal-getter types too!)

What will you use your goal planner for?

Goal setting is sooo much easier when you understand where your motivation, energy, and passion comes from. So whenever you’re running low on willpower, you can just tap into your sources & resuscitate your motivation. No probs.

Learn about your goal-getter type & start working on your goal with the 90 Day Goal Planner!

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