Feeling proud of yourself as you have a whole list of goals that you are going to achieve this year? Yay, dream life – here you come!

But then you find yourself looking at that list of goals… Suddenly it seems very long and daunting. You want to plan for that holiday, but first you need to get your savings plan in place. And how can you choose your destination if you don’t know how much money you will have to spend? Then with the dream house, the dream car… how can you afford to do anything else?

Now is the time to stop panicking and get those goals organised. I am going to help you get the ball rolling on one goal. Yes, we are going to start with one and then the others will fall into place. Are you ready to start achieving goals?

Do you suffer from analysis paralysis?

a.k.a. “There’s so much I want to do but I have no idea where to begin…”

When the optimism and promise of the first few weeks in the year begins to fade, it can feel like you’re pushing water up a mountain. The goals you set seemed so achievable just weeks ago. But now the thought of them makes you break into a cold sweat.

There is a massive fear of failure, that you won’t be able to achieve what you want to. That alone can put some people off completely and that list of goals ends up in the bin. Or maybe you feel so overwhelmed that you procrastinate about getting started.

Suddenly it’s halfway through the year and you’re no closer to achieving goals. May as well just give up, right? Noooo!

I have a really simple technique to help you make some progress. Just getting the ball rolling and ticking one thing off your list can give you the motivation to tick more and more things off.


So how do you choose *which* goal to start with?

Getting started is as easy as choosing the right goal to begin with. It can be hard to know where to start when all your goals seem so intertwined.

But follow this simple process you’ll move from overwhelm to calm in a few short minutes.

4 Easy-peasy steps to reaching your goals

Ok here we go. It’s super easy, just make sure you download the worksheet first to follow these steps.


1. List it all down

Anything & everything that you want to achieve this year

That includes your money goals, your holiday goals, career goals, health goals, personal goals, or any other kind of goals. Anything and everything. The big and the small.


2. Rate each goal

As to how quickly you can & want to achieve them

Take each of the goals you have just written down and group them into how quickly you can achieve them. Can they be done soon, are they more long term, or are they something that would be nice to do one day.


3. Pick your favourites

Choose 5 goals from the list & rank them

Put the one you are most interested in as number one, and the others in descending importance. Now you know what your focus will be for the year.


4. Pick one goal from the list

The one you can start the soonest

It doesn’t have to be the number one goal on your list. But it should be one that you can start quickly.


Yes, it’s okay to start with a laughably easy goal!

By starting with a goal that you can take action on quickly then you will prove to yourself that you can do it. You will start to see results sooner than if you pick the biggest long term goal on your list. If you can start making traction on one goal, then you will build momentum on the others.

Having one focal point to start with will prevent you from getting distracted.
Once you have ticked one off, move onto the next.

Before you know it, you’ll be achieving goals left, right and centre!

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