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3 Ideas for Displaying Your Positive Affirmations

3 Ideas for Displaying Your Positive Affirmations

Displaying your positive affirmations in a prominent position is a great way to ensure you see them each day. So, you will want to ensure that they look as awe inspiring as possible and today, I’ve got some beautiful ideas on how you can do this.

3 Beautiful Ways of Displaying Your Positive Affirmations

There are three ways in which positive affirmations are generally displayed: as a piece of artwork, in a collage or on a vision board. I’d love to share some creative ideas for displaying your positive affirmations upon each of these.

1. Artwork

You’ve most likely got several pieces of artwork adorning your wall. Well guess what? Your positive affirmations are next! Using a large piece of cardboard or an art canvas, position your positive affirmations upon it in a way which looks attractive to you.

Adding washi tape, stickers, glitter and paint can help you personalize it with your favourite designs and colours. You could even add your affirmations on top of an existing piece of artwork you already love.

2. Collage

You could add pictures, cartoons or photos which resonate with you and intersperse these with your printed positive affirmations. Include large decorative words which are related to your affirmations as headings or to divide the collage into sections. Often, you’ll find the items upon a collage will overlap each other, and this is a great way to demonstrate how things are interconnected.

As a background, a large art canvas works well, but you could also use a piece of MDF or corkboard. The key is to choose something that you will find easy to display in the location you have chosen for displaying your positive affirmations.

3. Vision board

A vision board is the ultimate visualization manifestation tool and our vision board kits can help you get there! They contain a selection of affirmations, quotes and words which relate to a specific goal you want to achieve. You then arrange them in a visual display which works for you, and add a personal touch which could include dried flowers, ribbons, glitter and stickers. My Pinterest boards have some great ideas too!

    When it comes to choosing the perfect place for displaying your positive affirmations, there are a few key things to remember...

    Firstly, you will want a position where you’re going to see it daily, preferably several times per day. Secondly, it needs to be where you are comfortable for it to be. For instance, on your office desk means work colleagues could see it, which you may not be happy with. Thirdly, the size of your display needs to work with your chosen space and how you are displaying it. A heavy piece of artwork would require special picture hanging hardware, while a light piece would be fine with 3M hooks or Velcro.

    As for your positive affirmation cards which are not on display, I have a free printable box template so you can create your own storage box for them.

    So, the big question I’ll ask you is, how will YOU display your positive affirmations?

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