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8 Ideas for Creating a Minimalist Style Vision Board

8 Ideas for Creating a Minimalist Style Vision Board

Feeling crafty? Take a look at these 8 ideas for designing a minimalist style vision board! They're easy to do, cheap to setup, and fun to make.


#1 - Do It Yourself Wood Panel

This vision board style is perfect for you if you're the creative type who loves to DIY. All you need is a panel of wood, a few pots of paint in your favourite colours, clips and pins. If you can't find clips or pins in the colour you want, use spray paint to customise them!

Learn how to make it:


#2 - Polaroid Style Hanging in Frame

DIY Polaroid Hanging Frame Tutorial

Instead of using photos, you can print out your favourite quotes, affirmations, and any other elements that help you to visualise your end goal.

Learn how to make it:


#3 - Minimalist Mobile Design

This design is originally for hanging photos, but can be easily used as a vision board as well. Just swap the photos out for empowering quotes, motivating affirmations, and inspiring imagery. All you need to make this yourself is a small metal bar/pole/branch, string cut to length, and clips.

Learn how to make it:


#4 - Doorway Overlay

I particularly like this design as you can't help but look at bits of it before you leave. A great reminder and mood booster as you set out for your day.

This style is easy to do, just print out your vision board imagery and stick it around your doorway with small sticky dots from your local craft store. This are strong enough to hold your imagery in place, but pliable enough to not rip off paint or wallpaper if you want to move them.

Learn how to make it:


#5 - The Future's Bright with Fairy Lights

I love the use of fairy lights because your vision board gets your attention at night too. Allowing you to drift off with positive thoughts for the future. Plus it looks pretty!

All you need for this design are a set of fairy lights (usually quite cheap), pegs, and your printed imagery. For this style I'd recommend printing on thick paper as regular paper tends to curl near heat.

Purchase fairy lights here:


#6 - Rose Gold Wire Grid

This one is really easy to setup as well. Purchase a wire grid from your local trendy stationery store, 2-4 wall mounts, some matching clips or pegs, and simply hang your vision board goodies on it. Done!

Find them on Etsy here:


#7 - Garland Style with Pegs

This is a nice simple design that's easy to setup. All you need is some string or twine that matches your style and some small pegs. Then print out your favourite quotes on thick paper (as thick as your printer allows), as regular paper tends to curl over time.

Learn how to make it:


#8 - The Vision Board Mini Cube

How cute is this? What I love most about it is that it can be a portable version of your vision board. You could take it to work or have near the kitchen, bathroom, or office if that's not where your main vision board lives.

To make this yourself, grab a nice small plant pot that has a flat surface. Then pick up some cork board from your local building depot or stationery store. Make sure it's thick enough for your pins to stick into!

Next, glue your cork board on using silicone or contact glue. Once it's set, then you can add your favourite vision board elements!

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