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How to Make Mini Affirmation Stickers for Journals & Planners

It's super easy to make stickers from your Printable Affirmation Cards! They're perfect for journaling, scrapbooking, and decorating. All you need is a printer and adhesive sticker paper.

How to DIY Mini Affirmation Stickers for Journaling

1. Choose your set & download the PDF

Once you've chosen your Printable Affirmation Cards, download the PDF file.

Now open it and click on the printer icon. This should bring up the printer dialog box.

2. Select the option to print multiple pages on a single page

When the print dialog box has opened, you'll want to select pages 2-5. This removes the intro page, but selects the coloured affirmations. If you want to print the black & white affirmations, type pages 6-9.

Then under the Page Sizing & Handling section, select 'Multiple'.

Choose 2 by 2 pages for the small size shown here.

You can of course play around with how large or small you want the stickers to be. They could even be full size!

3. Insert your adhesive sticker paper

This type of paper is super easy to find at your local stationery store. It may be located with shipping labels or in the scrapbook section.

Pop it in & print.

Yay! You now have affirmation stickers to stick wherever your heart desires.

Note: The set shown here is the Affirmations for Positivity set.

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