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How to Print Mini & Jumbo Size Affirmation Cards

How to Print Mini & Jumbo Size Affirmation Cards

Whether you're after mini affirmation cards for your journal or planner, or you're jumbo affirmation cards to stick on your wall - both can be achieved with any of our Printable Affirmation Card sets. Here's how!

How to Print Mini & Jumbo Size Affirmation Cards

1. Choose your affirmations

If you're like me, you like to focus on one goal at a time. Have a look through the range of Printable Affirmation Cards to find a set that matches your goal. If you're wanting a more general focus, I recommend getting the Daily Affirmation Deck for a bit of everything.

2. Print your affirmation cards

Choose a nice thick paper or card stock to print on. We recommend using thick paper or card stock between 160-240gsm+ (60-90lb+). You can even use paper with a nice texture! Check what paper weight your printer can handle to see how thick you can go.

Next, print with an Inkjet or Laser printer. 

I recommend Inkjet and Color laser if you're wanting beautifully colored cards. Or, a black & white Laser printer if you're wanting to foil your affirmation cards.

How to Print Mini Affirmation Cards 

There are two ways to print mini affirmation cards - either print the file onto A5 sized paper (A5 is half the size of A4), or choose to print multiple pages on a single A4/US Letter piece of paper.

This screenshot shows you how to print multiple pages on a single page:

print settings for printing multiple pages on a single page

Note: This print modal may look different depending on your type of printer and computer, but look for the same settings!

How to Print Jumbo Affirmation Cards

Printing jumbo sized cards is easy - you just need a printer that can print A3 size paper (A3 is double the size of A4). I use an Epson PIXMA iX6810 to print my affirmation cards.

Once you have your large format printer ready to roll, it's as simple as clicking 'Properties', and changing your Paper Size to A3. This screenshot shows you the setting to change:

Don't have a printer handy? You can take the PDF file to any local print store (usually you can email it to them or take it in on a USB stick). They'll have a range of paper and card sizes to choose from, and they can also cut the cards to size for you.

If you get stuck or have any questions, leave a comment down below.

Happy printing!

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