Mental Well-being in Public

Mental Well-being in Public

Home is often a safe place to work on your mental well-being. But at work, uni, or school, you have less control over the environment - so may feel a little self-conscious...

If you find your mind goes blank under pressure while outside of your home, take a look at any habits that accompany that feeling. Do you pull your phone out? Take a photo of your favourite affirmation and set it as the background. Or have a folder dedicated to your favourite quotes/affirmations and flick through them.

Do your hands go for your pockets? Place a card or small item to fiddle with that prompts you to listen to the negative thoughts cycling through your mind.

Then, once you're actively thinking, ask yourself “what do I need to hear right now?”

Flip the negative thought cycling through your mind to its positive counterpart.

You might flip something like "I don't want to be here" to be "I'm excited to see what opportunities arise from this".

Or, "I'm too shy to talk to the group" might be flipped into, "I'm going to challenge myself to step outside my comfort zone. I'm proud of myself for trying".

You've got this. You've always got this.

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