You might be feeling frazzled, burnt out, or 100% done with life right now... but let's take a step back to figure out why.

You may find that your mind is like a web browser with 30 different tabs open at the same time, all auto-playing sounds with flashing messages to get you to look at them. All screaming for your attention, you flick through them constantly throughout the day...

It might be that you're working on your finances to get out of debt, improving your body image through a mindset shift, trying to implement healthier habits into your routine, managing the household, keeping the house tidy, training a new dog... all while working full time (a thing that has it's own separate set of urgencies).

Each of those are MASSIVE changes that require a lot of your time and effort. Break each of them down so you can start closing those noisy browser tabs. 

Or, give yourself a focus for the week or month. 

This month might be body positivity. And you might like to achieve that by starting with complimenting yourself at least once a day.

Keep it easy, keep it simple.

When you feel overwhelmed, strip it right back!

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