Self Check-in

Self Check-in

The things niggling away at you may be small, but the longer you leave them, and the more they pile up... the more they wear you down over time.

It might have only been a few weeks, but now you're finding yourself overreacting over small things that normally wouldn't be an issue for you.

So, do a self check-in.

When's the last time you engaged in some self-care? It may be a nice relaxing bath, a gentle walk to some of your favourite songs, sitting in the sun with your puppy, or buying yourself something nice.

Do you have a daily wind-down routine? At the end of the day you might like to snuggle up in bed with your journal and reflect on the day gone. Or you may like to think about the things you're grateful for.

Engaging in these types of activities helps your mind release the thoughts that keep it up at night, or the things that have been weighing heavily on your mind.

Let them go. Check in with yourself often.

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