Showing Emotion

Showing Emotion

It can feel like we’ve failed or are a bad person when we’re moody, bitchy, or mopey - but this is all part of the human experience.

While it’s desirable to have a positive outlook, not to the detriment of having to bottle things up and ignoring ‘negative’ feelings.

Allowing yourself to have bad days and feel emotions that aren’t always positive is a good thing.

It’s only a problem when those feelings consume the majority of your life. If it’s here and there, that’s completely normal.

A lot of people also like to hide their ‘negative’ feelings from their kids, but it’s important for them to see how you deal with it, so they know what to do when it crops up for themselves.

It might look like “I’m feeling frustrated, so I’m going to take a walk by myself to get rid of this energy”, or “I’m feeling stressed, so I’m going to take a bath to unwind and relax.”

There’s nothing shameful in demonstrating how to deal with emotions in a healthy, realistic way.

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