Would You Talk To a Friend That Way?

Would You Talk To a Friend That Way?

When you're cycling through negative self-talk, a good way to catch yourself out is to ask, "would I say this to a friend?"

Imagine saying these things to a close friend or family member:

  • God, you look awful in that
  • You shouldn't eat that, it'll make you fat
  • Why do you even try, honestly

It's when you imagine saying these things that you say to yourself, to someone else, that you realise how hurtful they are.

It's no wonder we doubt ourselves and feel guilty if we've got thoughts like these cycling through our mind!

So, next time you catch yourself putting yourself down - imagine saying it to someone else, then meet those thoughts with kindness.

What would you say to a friend who was nervous about trying something new, or feeling down about themselves?

Treat yourself the same way. You deserve to feel good.

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