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How to Print, Cut & Display Affirmation Cards

How to Print, Cut & Display Affirmation Cards

1. Printing your cards

Print with an Inkjet or Laser printer. If you don’t have a printer, take this file to your local print shop. Usually you email the file or take it on a USB drive. They’ll have a range of paper types and will be able to cut the cards, too.

Choose a nice thick paper or card stock to print on. We recommend using thick paper or card stock between 160-240gsm+ (60lb-90lb+). You can even use paper with a nice texture! Check what paper weight your printer can handle.

2. Cutting your cards

Follow the cut lines with a pair of scissors, paper trimmer or guillotine. Then use washi tape, pegs, or sticky tack and apply them to vision board, wall, or planner/journal. 

3. Displaying your cards

Stick your affirmation cards to your vision board, inspiration wall, journal or planner - anywhere you'll see them often! 

Use washi tape, sticky tack, or pegs to display your affirmation cards.

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