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How to Unzip Files for Printing

How to Unzip Files for Printing

If your digital download contains a .zip file, this is because there is more than one file inside. To access the PDFs within the .zip file, you'll need to unzip it. Keep reading for instructions on how to unzip your files using a desktop computer, iPad/tablet, or smartphone.

How to Unzip Files for Printing

Desktop Computer

You might already have a .zip file opener software already on your computer, if not, download the free version of WinRAR's here.

After you've installed it, download your .zip file from The Daily Goalgetter (either from the Thank You Page after purchase, via email, or from your account).

Then, click on the downloaded file to open it. 

It will open in WinRAR or whichever software you have installed.

Simply click on the files and drag them over to your desktop. 

Now you'll be able to view the files and print them!


iPad/Tablet & Mobile

Visit the app store and search 'unzip tool'.

Find one that you like the look of and has a good star rating.

Unzip tool search on iOS App store

Once the app is installed, unzip the .zip file (can also be referred to as 'extracting').

If you aren't able to open the PDF file on your device, you may need a PDF Viewer app, like Adobe Acrobat.

(We also recommend using Adobe Acrobat for filling out the Free Worksheets digitally)

Now you should be able to view it & send it to the printer for printing!


It looks more difficult seeing the process all written out like this, but I promise you, you'll have it sussed in seconds. 

If you get stuck, please send a message via the contact page.

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