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Difference Between This Store & Our Etsy Store

Difference Between This Store & Our Etsy Store

While the product offerings are the same, the platforms have a couple of differences, such as digital download management and currency conversion. 

Digital Downloads

With both stores you have access to previous purchases (and downloads), but if I were to update one of the files you've purchased from The Daily Goalgetter - you will automatically be notified that there's a new version to download if you purchased from this store.

Etsy doesn't allow for updates to digital products currently. 

Currency Conversion

Both stores have their own currency conversion so there may be slight differences in prices (it will only ever be a few cents at most).

Plus, Etsy automatically adds on your local tax. So if the price seems a little higher on our Etsy store than what you see on this store, it's likely to be local taxes added. 

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