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Foil Affirmation Cards with Heidi Swapp's Minc Machine
Wanting your positive affirmations to shine? Here's a simple tutorial on how to give your affirmation cards a metallic finish using Heidi Swapp's Minc machine & reactive foil.
Must-have Motivational Quote Prints & Wall Art Found on Etsy
Looking for motivational quote prints for your bedroom, office, or living room? Here's our favourite must-haves from Etsy.
How Do Positive Affirmations Work?

Imagine your mind is a garden where weeds thrive and flowers wither without proper care. Read how using positive affirmations is like tending a garden.

The Little Book of Knowing Review
The Book of Knowing discusses how to manage thoughts and emotions based on CBT methods. But the author's not keen on positive affirmations... here's why.
Words to Live By: 52 Weeks of Possibilities (Journal Review)
This week we're looking at Compendium's journal titled 'Words to Live By: 52 weeks of possibilities one word at a time', a weekly journal with focus words.
7 Super Easy Healthy Eating Habits
It can be tricky when you want to start eating healthier and feeling better, but aren't sure where to start. Here are 7 super easy healthy eating habits to help you get started.
What to Do When Affirmations Don't Work
It's a false belief that affirmations don't work because you don't want it enough. Here's 5 reasons why your affirmations might not be working.
How to Get Unstuck: 3 Things You Can Do
You've hit a road block. Where did it all go wrong? What the heck happened? Well, here's 3 things you can do to get unstuck.
Gain Control Of Your Life By Changing Your Internal Dialogue
How do you change the negative aspect of your internal dialogue? There are ways to hit the pause button and change how you think. Let’s have a look...
How To Be Great At Positive Thinking
With a whole raft of benefits, transforming your negative mindset into a positive one seems like a no-brainer. Here’s how to be great at positive thinking.
Five Reasons Why It's Good to Be Lazy
Being labelled as “lazy” has long held negative connotations. But if you take some time to examine this concept, you will find some interesting insights...
3 Ways to Fix a Stubborn Habit
Let’s look at the three best ways to set yourself up for success and help you to get your new habit to stick for the long haul.
Goals & Positive Affirmations for Beginners
Knowing how to set smart, achievable goals, plus choosing and using the right positive affirmations will help motivate and inspire you. Let’s look how...
Three Strategies for Behaviour Change
What are some effective strategies you can engage to change your behaviour, and how well do they work? Here are 3 methods for behaviour change...
Affirmations For Anxiety - Do They Work?
Affirmations are commonly recommended as a way to minimise the damaging effects of anxiety. But the question is, do affirmations for anxiety really work?
Why Did I Just Buy That? 7 Tips to Save Money
Do you ever ask yourself, "why did I just buy that?! Shouldn’t I save money instead?" Your brain is actually to blame. Here's the mystery solved…
Make Your Goals A Reality With These Daily Habits
How will you reach those goals if all motivation has flown out the door? The best way is to form daily habits that will bring ongoing success to your doorstep.
The Neuroscience Behind Goal Setting: Understanding Your RAS
The RAS is the sorting centre of your brain and can help you achieve your goals. Understanding it can make your goal setting more effective. Let’s see how...
Sharesies Review: Shares for Total Newbies
An investment platform designed for newbies who want to start investing, but don't know how. Let's take a look at how Sharesies can grow your wealth.
ESFJ: Your Goal Setting Style, Drive, and Motivation
Every personality type is unique and special. So, let’s take time to look into the motivations and roadblocks for the ESFJ personality type.
Dave Ramsey: Your Complete Money Makeover In 7 Steps
Follow this 7 step formula to give your money a makeover and get a pretty attractive looking bank balance in return. Let's start!