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Psychologist Says There's A Huge Misconception About Goals
Top psychologist Adam Alter says that the traditional concept of always striving to achieve bigger and better goals is inherently flawed. Here’s why...
Positive Affirmations For Entrepreneurs And Small Business Owners
Are you ready to ditch the self-doubt and seize every opportunity that comes your way? Here’s how to get started with positive affirmations for entrepreneurs.
Using Self-Love Affirmations To Improve Body Image And Positivity
Self-love affirmations are a powerful way to flip long-held negative thought patterns into supportive comments that help you respect the body you are in.
Should You Set Deadlines For Your Goals?
When it comes to goals, should you set deadlines for your goals, or is there a more effective way to achieve them? Let’s explore...
Free Printable Storage Box for Affirmation Cards

Have a bunch of affirmation cards, but not sure where to store them when they're not being used? Use this free printable storage box to keep your cards safe.

DIY: How to Make Mini Affirmation Stickers for Journaling

It's super easy to make stickers from your Printable Affirmation Cards! They're perfect for journaling, scrapbooking, and decorating. All you need is a printer and adhesive sticker paper.

How Positive Affirmations For Kids Can Transform Their Mindset
Using positive affirmations for kids and vision boards teaches them confidence, resilience, and positivity to help them navigate life with a “can-do” mindset.
How to Use Wealth Affirmations to Manifest Money
When used correctly, wealth affirmations are a powerful way to help rewire your mindset. They help you to focus on and be mindful of your financial habits.
DIY: How to Foil Affirmation Cards with Heidi Swapp's Minc Machine
Wanting your positive affirmations to shine? Here's a simple tutorial on how to give your affirmation cards a metallic finish using Heidi Swapp's Minc machine & reactive foil.
How to Unzip Files for Printing
To access the PDFs within the .zip file, you'll need to unzip it. Keep reading for instructions on how to unzip your files using a desktop computer, iPad/tablet, or smartphone.
Difference Between This Store & Our Etsy Store

While the product offerings are the same, the platforms have a couple of differences, such as digital download management and currency conversion.

Fix: Affirmation Cards Aren't Printing Clearly

If your affirmation cards aren't printing as clearly as the ones in our photos, it may be the symptom of a few things...

Must-have Motivational Quote Prints & Wall Art Found on Etsy
Looking for motivational quote prints for your bedroom, office, or living room? Here's our favourite must-haves from Etsy.
How to Print, Cut & Display Affirmation Cards
Choose a nice thick paper or card stock to print on. We recommend printing on paper or card stock between 160gsm-240gsm or higher.
How to Download Digital Purchases
If you created an account, login and access your downloads there. If not, check your order confirmation email, there will be links to the downloads there.
Fix: Page Not Printing Fully & Cards Being Cut Off
The Printable Affirmation Cards and Worksheets are full page designs. If your printed page has been cut off, your printer may not be able to 'print to edge'.
How Do Positive Affirmations Work?

Imagine your mind is a garden where weeds thrive and flowers wither without proper care. Read how using positive affirmations is like tending a garden.

The Little Book of Knowing Review
The Book of Knowing discusses how to manage thoughts and emotions based on CBT methods. But the author's not keen on positive affirmations... here's why.
Words to Live By: 52 Weeks of Possibilities (Journal Review)
This week we're looking at Compendium's journal titled 'Words to Live By: 52 weeks of possibilities one word at a time', a weekly journal with focus words.
7 Healthy Eating Habits
It can be tricky when you want to start eating healthier and feeling better, but aren't sure where to start. Here are 7 super easy healthy eating habits to help you get started.
What to Do When Affirmations Don't Work
It's a false belief that affirmations don't work because you don't want it enough. Here's 5 reasons why your affirmations might not be working.