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5 Personal Goals Every Woman Should Consider

5 Personal Goals Every Woman Should Consider

I’m a big believer in that every woman should set herself a few personal goals. All too often we get locked into the business and routine of our daily lives, focusing most of our time and attention on others.

This can result in us feeling run-down, depressed or with low self-esteem. Yet by stepping back, creating our own personal goals and moving some of our energy towards achieving them is entirely within the grasp of every woman.

5 Personal Goals for Every Woman

Everyday we have the opportunity to work towards achieving our dreams and making a better future for ourselves. Affirmations and goal setting are powerful tools we all have at our disposal to help us make our dreams a reality. Every woman brings a set of unique experiences and knowledge that will help her to identify the things she wants to achieve in the coming months and years.

While these goals will differ for each of us, here are five goal topic suggestions to get you thinking:

  1. Love yourself – know that you are beautiful on the inside and out and accept that you are worthy of love from both yourself and others.
  2. Go offline –turn off all devices for a set time each day and enjoy simply sitting quietly and being present in the moment.
  3. Identify the positives – keeping a gratitude journal is a lovely way to help you recognise the many small (and large) beautiful things that happen each day.
  4. Nourish your body – take time to exercise, eat healthily and get enough sleep. Caring for your body is one way of demonstrating to yourself and others that you are worthy of love and respect.
  5. Self-care – self-care can be as simple as taking a walk, lighting a scented candle or having a massage. Self-care gives us the opportunity to unwind, take time out of our busy days and recharge.

These five personal goals are simply a springboard to setting your own unique goals. To help you develop and finetune your own goals, I have developed some goal setting resources you may wish to use. The printable worksheet How to Define Your Goal is a good tool to help you nail down what you want to achieve. Or you could use my free printable worksheet How to Choose Your Goal which will assist you in deciding which goal or goals to focus on right now.

As always, I’m here to help and feel free to drop me a line with any questions or comments you have.

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