Must-have Motivational Quote Prints & Wall Art Found on Etsy

Looking for motivational quote prints for your bedroom, office, or living room? Here's our favourite must-haves from Etsy.


'Be Gentle with Yourself' by Freedom Print Shop

Most people are quite harsh on themselves when they're starting something new. Especially when they fall off track with their goal. That's why I love this print, 'Be Gentle with Yourself' is exactly what you should do. You're working against all those deeply ingrained habits - it's not easy, so be gentle on yourself.

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'Rachel Hollis Quote Print' by AwkwardGalPrintShop

Another thing with setting goals is that it opens you up to criticism. Whether or not you ask for it, there's always someone wanting to give you their opinion. That's what I love about this Rachel Hollis quote, it reminds you that this is your life, your choice, and your experience. Don't let anyone hold you back.

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'Grow Where You Are Planted' by SundayTableCo

Often when you're working on a new goal, it can be easy to focus on the end result and how far away you are from achieving it. It can also be easy to fall into the trap of comparison. This print reminds you to acknowledge where you are and start there, 'Grow Where You Are Planted'.

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'Custom Quote' by MintyPrintsCo

This is a nice option if there's a motto you or your family always refer to, but can't find it as a print. 

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'Nevertheless She Persisted' by MadeByKatieOnline

Life is full of knock-backs and set-backs. What matters most is that you keep getting back up and moving forward. This print, 'Nevertheless She Persisted', fuels that fire when it feels like all motivation has left your body.

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'She Designed a Life She Loved' by ArtCoStore

This print is a great reminder that you're the architect of your life, and that you choose which direction you move in. So, why not design a life you love? From small things like decorating a room, to larger things like the future you want, make the choice and design a life you love.

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