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Are You Ready to Get Motivated?

Are You Ready to Get Motivated?

Want to get motivated and be more successful? Affirmations are one of the tools you can use to help you achieve both these things and today, I’m going to explain why and share some affirmation ideas to increase your motivation and success levels!

How Affirmations Can Help You Get Motivated

Using affirmations is like giving yourself a positive self-talk. They’re a firmly declared positive thought or statement you say to yourself which describes a goal you want to achieve. Let me use an analogy for you: you have a barren yard which you want to transform into a beautiful garden. To achieve this, you get outside every day and do some weeding, planting and watering. Overtime, your efforts become habits and your garden is generally taking care of itself.

Your use of affirmations is like this too. You put in the hard work at the start, using your affirmations to help you get motivated and after time, they too become habitual and automatic. That doesn’t mean you can leave things alone, because like a garden, other less useful things will begin to come back, and all your hard work becomes undone.

Using Affirmations to Help You Get Motivated & Be Successful

When used daily, affirmations can help focus you on what is truly important in your life. It is this focus that helps you remain motivated by dedicating the time and effort into achieving your dreams.

There are many ways you can use affirmations to help you get motivated and be successful, including:

  • Choosing affirmations which resonate with you. You need to believe in each one and be fully committed to achieving it.
  • Referring to your affirmation’s multiple times a day, be it reading them on your vision board, keeping affirmation cards in your purse or speaking them aloud while looking in the mirror.
  • Visualising your success in great detail, down to what you can feel, hear, touch and smell as you bring your dreams to life.

I recommend you take a read of my article How to Make Affirmations Work More Effectively for You for further and more in depth ideas.

When it comes to creating your affirmations for success and motivation, I’ve done the hard work for you. Check out my Motivational & Inspirational Quotes and the printable Success Affirmation Cards, all available right here.

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