Five Reasons Why It's Good to Be Lazy

Five Reasons Why It's Good to Be Lazy

Being labelled as “lazy” has long held negative connotations. In a society that’s programmed to be endlessly busy, we are told that laziness is the enemy of success.

Think about the media and how laziness is shown as a sign of weakness or inadequacy. It portrays that people can’t possibly live up to their responsibilities if they are lazy.

Look at Homer Simpson. His main trait is laziness and it often threatens to cost him his job and his family.

But if you take some time to dive in and examine this concept, you will find some interesting insights. Bruno Mars could be onto something here with his Lazy Song.

Being lazy can be a good thing, and here is why.


1. Laziness Can Make You More Efficient

Laziness does not have to be a negative thing. You can actually look at it as a reluctance to expend energy on something that isn’t necessary.

While a diligent worker may just get stuck into a given task and follow through the process until completion, a lazy worker might ask if there is a quicker and easier way to achieve said task. If there is a shortcut or efficiency that can get the same results with less work, a lazy person is likely to come up with it.


2. “Busywork” Is The Enemy

Spend time in any office and you will no doubt meet people who seem to be endlessly busy. They never have a moment to stop for a chat or gaze out the window. You might be fooled into thinking that these individuals are more successful than “lazy” employees.

But take a minute to think about “busywork.” Busywork is looking busy without being overly productive. It can include pointless, hour-long meetings that could have been quickly dealt with in a simple email. In a nutshell, it is people being busy just for the sake of it.

Lazy people don’t have the patience for this. They focus on the important work at hand, prioritising what is necessary and ditching what isn’t.


3. Embracing Procrastination

Procrastination is often closely linked with laziness. But let’s reclaim that negative thought pattern and reframe procrastination.

Does it really matter what point you work on a job if you have two weeks you have to do it? What is wrong with finishing it the night before it is due? As long as the work is top quality, it makes no difference. Many people who procrastinate know how to work it to their advantage.

When you know you have no choice but to get stuck in and finish a job, your focus becomes honed. You know there’s no room for distraction so you knuckle down and get the job done fast, possibly even taking less time than a more “diligent” worker.


4. Inspiring Projects Are The Main Focus

Everyone has to do things they don’t like from day to day to get by. But lazy people will do the bare minimum, asking themselves, “What is the worst that will happen if I don’t do this?” People who feel the need to be constantly busy are likely to take on any project, just to keep “doing.”

Lazy people tend to say no to things they don’t deem interesting or valuable. Therefore the end up getting a lot more fulfilment as they have the time to focus on the inspiring and worthwhile projects that do come along.

5. Avoiding Burn Out

We live in a world that is increasingly always on the go. People proudly proclaim how stressed, exhausted and busy they are. They are constantly running from one endless task to another. Anxiety and depression levels are through the roof and work-related burnout is prevalent.

Humans are not actually designed to run on empty. Lazy people know the value of stopping, spending time doing the things that nourish them and taking time for themselves.

So have I convinced you? Being lazy doesn't seem as bad now does it? There are lots of positive reasons to take some time out and forgive yourself for moments of laziness. Be kind to yourself.

Laziness is not a weakness. Sometimes, it just makes sense!

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