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How to Introduce Positive Affirmations into Your Life

How to Introduce Positive Affirmations into Your Life

Congratulations! It’s wonderful that you have decided to introduce positive affirmations as a part of your daily routine. Positive affirmations are truly one of the easiest and most life benefiting tools we can use to create real change in our lives.

Today I’m honoured to share with you a few tips on how to introduce positive affirmations into your life, to assist you in bringing your homes and dreams to fruition.

4 Ways to Introduce Positive Affirmations into Your Daily Routine

Like with any new habit, it takes time and commitment to succeed, and the use of positive affirmations is no different. Each morning and throughout the day, spending time reading and saying your affirmations does take effort, albeit small. But when you do make that effort, the rewards are immense.

To help you in your journey of self-transformation, I’d love to share four ways in which you can start using positive affirmations within your life:

  • Create a Vision Board – a vision board is a tool used to help you gain clarity on what is important to you. By identifying your goals and writing them as affirmations on your vision board, you connect with them on a higher level. Then by placing your board in a prominent position, you can view it daily. Our Vision Board Kits are designed to make designing your board a breeze.
  • Use Post-It Notes – small and portable, little sticky notes can be used just about anywhere. Write your positive affirmations on one and then keep it with you in your purse, inside a book or on your desk.
  • Keep a Journal or Diary – a journal is a great place to reinforce your belief in your affirmation by writing it down each day. Keeping a regular time, such as when drinking your first cup of coffee for the day, to write down your affirmation creates an easy to remember habit moving forwards.
  • Use Positive Affirmation Cards – here’s one of my favourite ways to introduce positive affirmations – using printable Positive Affirmation Cards! Small enough to fit inside your purse or pocket, simply pick a card which resonates with you each morning. Carry it with you throughout the day, taking a moment to stop and reflect upon it each hour or so.

I’d love to walk with you on your journey as you begin to use positive affirmations to help make changes in your life. Come take a read of the ever-growing advice and information on achieving your hopes and dreams – and of course, if you have any questions, please contact me directly.

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