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How Positive Affirmations For Kids Can Transform Their Mindset

Many of our attitudes and beliefs about life and ourselves are formed in childhood.

While it's possible to change mindsets at any age, imagine how powerful it would be if we were able to establish positive abundance mindsets early on in life!

What you say to your children, and what they say to themselves, has power over what they become.

Using positive affirmations for kids and vision boards is an excellent way to teach them confidence, resilience, and positivity to help them navigate life with a “can-do” mindset. A little bit of time spent now can make all the difference.

So, how do you do that?

Here’s how to introduce your kids to the joy and power of affirmations.

How Positive Affirmations For Kids Can Transform Their Mindset

How To Get Started

The word ‘affirmations’ is probably not going to have your kids jumping for joy with excitement. Until they understand what it means and how it can impact their little lives, of course!

So, instead of using big words, you can introduce the concept of affirmations in a light discussion, regardless of the age of your child. Explain that the right words help us to believe in ourselves and feel better when we are having a tough time.

For younger children between three and six years old, you can start by saying the affirmations to them. For example, “I love how you keep trying, even when it gets tough,” or “You are so good at solving problems!”

For ages seven and up, you can encourage them to think of their own affirmations and help them to choose cards from an affirmation card collection that relates to their situation.

Make It Fun

When first getting started, choose specific times to practice the affirmations together, and keep them short. Have your child repeat the positive terms after you until they are able to memorize them and say them with you.

The creation of vision boards is a fun activity that can be shared among the whole family. Set aside a decent chunk of time to do this. Ask your child to cut out or draw images depicting their values, the things they want to achieve, and the kind of person they want to become. Include positive things about themselves, as well as things they aspire to learn.

Let them display their vision boards in a place they will always see them and be reminded of their dreams. This might be in their bedrooms, on the wall in the dining room, on the fridge door, or anywhere else prominent.

Choosing Affirmations/What To Focus On

It can be difficult for kids to choose the right affirmations when first starting out. Help them come up with positive affirmations and give them examples on when to use them. For example, when you start to feel scared or nervous about something (maybe it’s speaking out in class or playing their part in an upcoming play), that’s when you tell yourself “I can do this”, “I am brave.”

Every individual relates to different affirmations. Choose the right ones for your child based on your knowledge of their personality.

Often, children need to focus on areas related to anxiety and confidence.

Keep them simple and use the present tense: “I am strong. I am kind.”

How To Build It Into A Habit

Kids are naturally drawn to fun things. Plus, they often love to model the behavior of their parents. By doing your affirmations in front of – and alongside – your child, you will encourage them to do the same.

Repetition is a key factor in the success of affirmations. You can encourage repetition by using washable markers to write them on the mirror – or sticky notes in their lunchbox or around their room.

Take any opportunity to practice affirmations – during bath time, in the car, or even while brushing teeth before bed.

Allow for creativity and engagement by letting children decorate their own affirmation cards however they like. That way, the cards become part of their creativity and it will be easier to own what is written on them.

Whether your child is 4 years old or 14, they can benefit from practicing positive affirmations for kids. Help them foster a beneficial habit that could last a lifetime with Affirmations for Kids that can be printed and decorated at home.

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