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How Do Positive Affirmations Work?

How Do Positive Affirmations Work?

Imagine your mind is a garden. Right now, it’s a little unkempt. The pretty petunias you planted a while ago have withered, yet the weeds are thriving.

A bit like negative thoughts.

You never purposefully planted them, they arrived on their own and continue to grow through to other parts of your life.

Using positive affirmations can be likened to tending the garden.

You trim the weeds, til the soil, and water the flowers. Lots of little, repeated actions to bring the garden back to its former glory.

It’s challenging at first, but only because you’re not used to it.

A couple of weeks later the butterflies, bees and birds move into your garden. The birds eat the aphids while the bees and butterflies move pollen about, all helping your garden to thrive.

Your small repeated actions have now transformed into habits.

With them helping you out, you’re not having to put so much effort in. The garden’s starting to take care of itself.

Now you’re starting to think of positive affirmations automatically.

But you can’t leave the garden to run on it’s own! Without your input the weeds take over, the aphids move back in and before you know it, your garden’s on the decline.

That’s how positive affirmations work! They slowly replace negative thoughts with empowering words, meaning you have the resilience to make it through any challenge.

Whether you’re wanting to feel in control of your anxiety, lead a wealthier life, grow a successful business, or learn to love the skin you’re in – we’ve got it covered with our Printable Affirmation sets. 

Best positive affirmation sets to start with:

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