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How to Use Wealth Affirmations to Manifest Money
When used correctly, wealth affirmations are a powerful way to help rewire your mindset. They help you to focus on and be mindful of your financial habits.
Why Did I Just Buy That? 7 Tips to Save Money
Do you ever ask yourself, "why did I just buy that?! Shouldn’t I save money instead?" Your brain is actually to blame. Here's the mystery solved…
Dave Ramsey: Your Complete Money Makeover In 7 Steps
Follow this 7 step formula to give your money a makeover and get a pretty attractive looking bank balance in return. Let's start!
The Barefoot Investor Summary: Steps 4-6 For Financial Freedom
Part two of the Barefoot Investor summary where we cover what you need to so for steps 4-6 in the process. These are your key steps to financial freedom.
The Big List of Money Making Ideas
Looking for some money making ideas? Good. Here's a big list of quick one-offs, easy money makers, long term returns, investments and side gigs.
The Barefoot Investor Summary: Steps 1-3 For Financial Freedom
Scott Pape of the Barefoot Investor Summary put together his top 10 ways to make your money work for you. Let's look at steps 1-3 for financial freedom now.