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How to Write Affirmations That Resonate with Your Soul
If you’ve ever wanted to write affirmations, then this is a must read! I’ll share my tips on writing affirmations and using them in your daily life.
Using Affirmations for Postnatal Depression
The use of affirmations for postnatal depression has the potential to help a new Mom move through one of the most challenging experiences of her life. We also share some affirmation examples and where to look for more.
Are You Ready to Get Motivated?
Learn why affirmations are a powerful tool to help you get motivated and be successful, plus how to make these affirmations a part of your daily life, helping bring your dreams to life.
Benefits of Practicing Daily Gratitude
Discover the benefits you can receive by practicing daily gratitude, along with some easy ideas on how you can express your gratitude here!
5 Personal Goals Every Woman Should Consider
Discover five examples of personal goals every woman should seriously consider, plus get your hands on some free goal setting resources to help you set your own unique goals.
How to Make Affirmations Work More Effectively for You
Learn the steps you can take to help make affirmations work more effectively for you, helping you to achieve your goals quickly and easily.
Taking a Look at the Science Behind Positive Affirmations
Come see the science behind positive affirmations to learn more about how this powerful yet simple tool can transform your life and help you achieve your goals.
Positive Affirmations For Entrepreneurs And Small Business Owners
Are you ready to ditch the self-doubt and seize every opportunity that comes your way? Here’s how to get started with positive affirmations for entrepreneurs.
How Positive Affirmations For Kids Can Transform Their Mindset
Using positive affirmations for kids and vision boards teaches them confidence, resilience, and positivity to help them navigate life with a “can-do” mindset.
How Do Positive Affirmations Work?

Imagine your mind is a garden where weeds thrive and flowers wither without proper care. Read how using positive affirmations is like tending a garden.

Gain Control Of Your Life By Changing Your Internal Dialogue
How do you change the negative aspect of your internal dialogue? There are ways to hit the pause button and change how you think. Let’s have a look...
How To Be Great At Positive Thinking
With a whole raft of benefits, transforming your negative mindset into a positive one seems like a no-brainer. Here’s how to be great at positive thinking.
Goals & Positive Affirmations for Beginners
Knowing how to set smart, achievable goals, plus choosing and using the right positive affirmations will help motivate and inspire you. Let’s look how...
Affirmations For Anxiety - Do They Work?
Affirmations are commonly recommended as a way to minimise the damaging effects of anxiety. But the question is, do affirmations for anxiety really work?
How to Design a Vision Board That Works
Creating a vision board can be help up by the pressure to create an artistic masterpiece. So, let's move past the paralysis and actually create one that works.
Stop Procrastinating With These 7 Ways to Get Things Done
Do you find yourself wasting hours, mornings, or days at a time? So why do we procrastinate? And how can you stop procrastinating? Let's explore...
How Visualisation Can Help You Achieve Your Goals
Visualisation can be a great way to overcome negativity. Let’s explore how your thoughts work and how visualisation can help you to achieve your goals.
What Are Affirmations & How Do You Use Them?
Affirmations can be incredibly powerful, but only if you use them correctly. You need to be in the right mindset and craft them properly too. Here’s how...