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Free Printable Storage Box for Affirmation Cards

Have a bunch of affirmation cards, but not sure where to store them when they're not being used? Use this free printable storage box to keep your cards safe.

How Positive Affirmations For Kids Can Transform Their Mindset
Using positive affirmations for kids and vision boards teaches them confidence, resilience, and positivity to help them navigate life with a “can-do” mindset.
How to Use Wealth Affirmations to Manifest Money
When used correctly, wealth affirmations are a powerful way to help rewire your mindset. They help you to focus on and be mindful of your financial habits.
DIY: How to Foil Affirmation Cards with Heidi Swapp's Minc Machine
Wanting your positive affirmations to shine? Here's a simple tutorial on how to give your affirmation cards a metallic finish using Heidi Swapp's Minc machine & reactive foil.
Must-have Motivational Quote Prints & Wall Art Found on Etsy
Looking for motivational quote prints for your bedroom, office, or living room? Here's our favourite must-haves from Etsy.
8 Ideas for Creating a Minimalist Style Vision Board
Are you a bit crafty? Take a look at these 8 ideas for designing a minimalist style vision board! They're easy to do, cheap to setup, and fun to make.
How to Design a Vision Board That Works
Creating a vision board can be help up by the pressure to create an artistic masterpiece. So, let's move past the paralysis and actually create one that works.
How Visualisation Can Help You Achieve Your Goals
Visualisation can be a great way to overcome negativity. Let’s explore how your thoughts work and how visualisation can help you to achieve your goals.