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Using Self-Love Affirmations To Improve Body Image And Positivity

Using Self-Love Affirmations To Improve Body Image And Positivity

Negative thoughts about our bodies and the way we look often translate into larger, more toxic confidence issues. When you are not comfortable in your own skin, it’s hard to build confidence in many areas of your life.

The way that we talk to ourselves can have a huge impact on our mindset and outlook. Negative talk obviously spawns negative thoughts.

However, affirmations are a powerful way to flip long-held negative thought patterns into loving, supportive comments that help you respect and appreciate the body you are in.

Here’s how to use self-love affirmations to replace negative thoughts with empowering, joyful thought patterns that support personal growth.

Using Self-Love Affirmations To Improve Body Image And Positivity

Recognizing The Way You Speak To Yourself

The first step in transforming our thought patterns is recognizing them. People with a negative body image are not kind to themselves. In fact, they can be downright nasty. 

It's no wonder you are feeling stressed, angry, depressed and tired when your mind is continuously putting you down instead of lifting you up.

Would you speak to someone you care about the way you allow your mind to speak to you? Unlikely! We are far gentler and more supportive to others, offering productive advice that focuses on the positive rather than the negative.

The aim of using self-love affirmations is to help us recognize the negative relationships between our thoughts and ourselves, and transform this into one of respect and love, step by step.

Empowering Healthier Choices

Often, we become so overwhelmed by the negativity in our minds that it reflects in our behavioral patterns. If you feel down, dislike your body, and feel like a failure, it can be extremely challenging to make decisions that support your health and wellbeing in the long term.

However, when we flip that mindset around and begin to feel better about ourselves, it is easier to make wise decisions around food, exercise and our general health.

We already know that bullying ourselves into being healthier doesn’t work, so perhaps it’s time to begin cherishing yourself instead. There will come a time when you appreciate what your body can do, rather than beat yourself up about what it can’t. 

Changing The Record

Affirmations work by refocusing the mind to create new pathways and patterns of thinking. None of this happens overnight, just as none of these habits were created overnight. However, with consistency and focus, you will start to notice and correct your thinking more often, until one day, it becomes automatic.

Begin by choosing an affirmation that resonates with you. It might be to do with something you are finding particularly challenging right now, or just something that strikes a chord deep within. 

Repeat the affirmation (either in your mind or out loud) at set times in the morning and evening, and refer to it throughout the day, too. As you say the affirmation, work on visualizing it to be true.

While it may feel awkward or embarrassing to begin with, keep with it. Maintain awareness of your thoughts, and replace any negatives with your chosen affirmation.

Over time, these self-love affirmations will help you develop beneficial thought patterns that promote calmness, confidence, and improve your self-esteem.

Starting the practice of self-love affirmations can be empowering. But, it can also be difficult to know where to start on selecting the right affirmations for you. That is where some affirmation prompts can come in handy.

Our Self Love Affirmation Cards are designed to help build self-confidence and truly love who you are. They are simple to download and print, so you can begin your journey of transformation today.

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