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What Should Your New Year’s Resolution Be?

What Should Your New Year’s Resolution Be?

What will be your New Year's resolution? In one short year, you won't be able to alter every area of your life. So it is best to focus on one resolution that you can really achieve. But what should that resolution be?

New Year's Resolution Quiz

What did you enjoy the most last year?

  1. Growing your savings account balance
  2. Travelling to a new place
  3. Creating a plan for my business
  4. Living life with gratitude
  5. Losing weight

What's something you wished you achieved last year?

  1. Saved more money
  2. Taken a proper holiday
  3. Changed my job
  4. Read more
  5. Taken my health more seriously

What are you looking forward to most this year?

  1. Having more money in the bank
  2. Going somewhere you have never been
  3. Finally writing a business plan
  4. Taking more time for you
  5. Being fitter

If you could change any one thing, it would be…

  1. My bank balance
  2. My boredom of staying at home
  3. My work situation
  4. My lack of ‘me’ time
  5. My weight

What do you love most in the world?

  1. Having the money to do what you want
  2. Exploring new places
  3. Thinking about your future business
  4. Taking time to recharge your batteries
  5. Taking care of your body


Mostly 1's?

Boost Your Savings Account!

You should plan to save money this year. Whether it is for something specific, or just to have a little bit put aside for a rainy day, you will love watching that bank balance grow. Devise a savings plan that will work for you so that you can achieve your goal.

Here are some ideas…

  • Open a separate savings account that is difficult for you to touch
  • Put money aside every payday
  • If you pay for something in cash, put your change in a jar to bank later
  • Sign up for customer loyalty programs to take advantage of discounts
  • Create a budget so that you know what your money is doing each month

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Mostly 2's?

Travel To Exciting Places!

Are exotic destinations calling to you? This year is your time to answer the call. Go to that place you have wanted to visit for years, immerse yourself in a new culture, discover your roots, or simply take time out. Get up off the couch and into discover all the exciting things to do in a new place.

Make sure you take the time to pick a destination that is going to be the perfect holiday for you. Don’t try and rough it if you enjoy the finer things of life, and don’t head for the inner city if you love the open spaces of the wilderness.

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Mostly 3's?

Launch That Business!

Have you had a business idea burning inside of you for months or years? Now is the time to dive in and finally make that dream a reality. You can start small by building a side hustle while still working your day job. Or if you have a concrete plan, dive in head first and ditch the need to answer to anyone. Be your own boss and earn a living by doing something that you love.

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Mostly 4's?

Look After You!

Taking time for self care is really important, and this year you should focus on making that time for you. In busy daily life it can be hard to fit ‘me time’ in. But make it a priority, even schedule it in your calendar if you need to. Choose things that will make YOU happy and recharge your batteries.

Here are some ideas…

  • A regular massage
  • Practicing gratitude
  • Meditation, mindfulness or yoga
  • Catching up with friends
  • Time to just be you - not being a parent, a spouse, an employee, a pet owner, a family taxi service, a personal chef, or anything to anyone else

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Mostly 5's?

Get Healthy!

This is the year to focus on your health. That doesn’t just mean lose weight (unless you want it to meant that), it can also mean improving your fitness, overhaul your eating habits, quit smoking, or just being a bit more active.

There are so many things that you can do to boost your body. After all, you only get one of them, so you want to look after it. Set yourself a healthy goal to keep you on track and stick to it!

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