Words to Live By: 52 Weeks of Possibilities (Journal Review)

Words to Live By: 52 Weeks of Possibilities (Journal Review)

This week we’re looking at Compendium’s journal titled ‘Words to Live By: 52 weeks of possibilities one word at a time’. It’s a weekly journal where you’re given a focus word for the week, followed by a prompt asking you to write out an answer in relation to the focus word.

I love the idea behind having a focus word for the week as it opens you up to new opportunities and experiences. Let’s take a closer look at Words to Live By…

What’s the purpose of Words to Live By?

The Words to Live By journal is designed to give you focus and direction every week, throughout your year. Each week you’ll be given a focus word, along with a related quote, as well as a prompt or two to get you writing.

Every 3 weeks you’ll have a chance to choose your own focus word – but don’t worry, they provide a short list of words if you don’t have one.

Once you’ve reached the end you’ll come to the reflection section. Here’s where you note your favourite words, new opportunities you got to experience, list some new words you want to explore, and what you’re looking forward to in the future.

So, what’s it like inside?

There’s a new colour scheme every four weeks, I imagine this is to align with the four weeks in a month – but it doesn’t really matter when or where you start! I quite like flicking through it and finding a word that sticks out to me that week.

The colour scheme is made up of mint green, neon orange, chartreuse, black, peach, and a bright forest green.

It also includes a nice black ribbon bookmark to keep your place in the journal.

Where can I buy Words to Live By?

I originally bought mine from mightyape.co.nz, but they seem to have sold out. The only other place I can find it easily is on Amazon.com, here.

What do you think of Words to Live By?

Do you think you’ll give this journal a go? Is there a type of journal you love to use? Is there a journal you’d like me to review? Leave a comment below!

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