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Custom Branded Printable Affirmation Cards for Business Owners

$145.00 USD

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Want your own custom printable affirmation cards? This option allows you to have your own branding, affirmations, and colors. 

Once you've placed your order, I'll be in touch within 24 hours to find out which affirmations, colors, and information you'd like on your cards.


You can either choose up to 32 of your own positive affirmations to feature on the cards, or ask us to provide them - just let us know if you have a theme!


Choose up to 4 different colours for your custom printable affirmation cards.

You'll need to provide the hex code of each color (it looks like a hashtag followed by 6 letters or numbers, e.g. #000000) - I like to use to find hex codes.

Here's an example:


Choose whether you'd like your business name with our website at the bottom, or if you'd like your business name AND business website listed instead of ours.

See photos for examples.


Both options include a license to print up to 250 copies. Need more copies? Check out our Multiple Use Licenses.  

What you can do with a license:

  • Share or gift this product with friends, family, students, or clients.

What you can't do with a license:

  • Sell this product.

 Have questions? Send a message!

How Printable Affirmation Cards work:

1. Download & Print

Files are available after purchase via the email sent to you or from your account. Next, print on thick paper using high quality print settings. Fits on Letter, A5, A4, and A3 size paper.

2. Cut to Size

Line up the cut marks with scissors or paper trimmer & cut! The black & white set has a border around the card to help cut. When printed on Letter or A4 paper, they're similar in size to a business card.

3. Decorate & Transform

Add cards to your vision board, planner or journal with pegs, washi tape, pins, or paperclips. Keep your vision board somewhere you'll see it often & feel your mindset begin to shift.