You will have heard the term ‘law of attraction’, but do you know what it really means?

The Law of Attraction is an idea that through visualisation, positive affirmations, and setting concrete and clear goals, each individual can manifest anything they want. The simplest way to explain it is with the statement: where thoughts go, energy flows.

It is a spiritual and universe-based wisdom that many successful people live by, and is widely promoted in the best-selling book, “The Secret.”

Whether you believe in the concept or are skeptical, there is no arguing that setting precise, clear goals and working towards the future of your dreams is a positive endeavour.

Here are some tips on how to use powerful goal setting techniques to help The Law of Attraction work for you.


How To Get What You Want Through Goal Setting

Choose A Goal That Truly Drives You

If your goal doesn’t give you tingles of excitement every time you read or visualise it, then it is not the right goal for you.

Ask yourself if your chosen goal is something that resonates with your whole being. Is it something you really, really want deep within your core?

By carefully selecting a goal that you are in love with, you will think about it repeatedly. That means you are consciously drawing attention and intention to it. Therefore, you will be inspired to take the required actions to reach it.


Make Your Goal Specific

Rather than saying “I want to be rich,” or “I want to be happy,” you need to get clear on the details.

How does the outcome of your goal feel? What will your life be like when you achieve it?

Not only this, but also try to come up with a clear plan of action of how you will achieve your goal.

If money is your objective, then you could set yourself a savings target or a plan to bust your debt. If it is happiness, a daily meditation or practising gratitude could help you get there.


Create A Positive Goal

How you word your goals is incredibly important. It is all about focusing on the positive rather than the negative. Instead of thinking about what you don’t want, visualise what you do want.

Change your focus so that you aren’t saying “I don’t want to be lonely,”. Rather, try saying, “I want a close, supportive network of loving friends.”


Focus On Your Goal Daily

Take daily actions to keep the momentum going. If you lose focus on your goal, it is not going to magically materialise on its own.

Write down your aspirations and read them every morning and evening without fail. Use affirmations and visualisation on a daily basis to create positive energy.


Cultivate Positivity

Over time, your mind starts to believe what you tell it. If you think badly about yourself or your situation, then you are pouring negative energy into your life and perpetuating a cycle of failure. Training to be positive is entirely possible.

Watch your thinking. If you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts, take actions to stop and reframe them into something more positive. If you are too worried about failure or challenges, you will find they occur more than you would want. Whereas, focusing on the chance of success opens up a world of possibilities.


Work For It

The Law of Attraction is not about simply throwing a coin into a wishing well and walking away expecting your life to change. It requires you to put in the effort and the universe will respond accordingly.

Take a daily action towards your goal, no matter how insignificant the action seems.

You will be surprised how many chance opportunities, encounters and serendipitous events come along.

Do you need some help tracking your daily actions and progress? Check out the 90 Day Goal Planner to help you stick to your goals and boost your progress.

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