When you wake up in the morning, is your first thought one of joy or dread? If you’re feeling drained and unmotivated by the thought of going to work just to put food on the table then you need to do something about it… stat!

That is the basis of the book ‘Great Work, Great Career’ by Stephen J Covey and Jennifer Colosimo. If you feel like you HAVE TO go to work instead of being passionate about going, then you need a career path adjustment. Instead of doing a job, you need to build a career.

So how do you do that? Let’s have a look now.

What is a great career?

Before you worry about how to get one, you need to know what a great career means to you. While your colleagues may be striving for the CEO position, you might not have the same ambition. They may love the thought of managing 50 people and working all hours of the day and night. But you may crave a lifestyle with more freedom. Or, you might be the one that wants the CEO title.

No one can define your career as a great one but you. It needs to align with your life goals, your dreams and your ambitions. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself stuck in the same rut as you are in now. Your career should bring you long term satisfaction, not simply a pay packet.


How can you get a great career?

‘Great Work, Great Career’ helps you to change the way you make your professional choices, inspiring you to build a career rather than earning a living.

The book states that simply having a job will not make you happy in the long run. Yes, in the short term it pays the bills and puts food on the table, but it doesn’t fulfill you. Money should not be the only consideration when choosing your career path. You can be rich in other things that aren’t dollars.

Building a great career involves three main things: loyalty trust and contribution.

You need to stick at the things that you love and that fill you with purpose. Make decisions that contribute towards your career advancement and personal wellbeing as opposed to always thinking about money. Then, give everything you have to your job by using your skills and talents.

Work should not feel like an obligation, but the possibility to improve yourself. Problems that arise should not derail you, but present an opportunity to grow instead. Appreciate what you have, make the most of it and you will live a happier life.

Key takeaways from Great Work, Great Career

The first step towards having a great career is to have the right kind of mindset. Be a problem solver, instead of dwelling on the negatives. Finding solutions and implementing them will allow you to enjoy your job more.

You don’t actually have to change the job that you are in, even if it feels like you hate it now. Simply adopt the problem solving mindset to see if you can improve a bad situation.

Writing a ‘Solution Contribution Statement’ can help you do that as it connects the problems you want to solve with your own unique skills and abilities. It will become your roadmap for your great career and allow you to focus on creating value from the work that you do.

Finally, you need to claim what you deserve. Instead of hunting out the perfect job on a list, work hard to create your own perfect job that uses your talents and experiences to the fullest. Surround yourself with the people that are going to help you to do that.

If the idea of creating your own great career resonates with you, then you need to get yourself a copy of ‘Great Work, Great Career’.

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