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Your A-Z Guide to Setting Goals

Here’s a quick little GIF guide to setting goals from A to Z. Daily words of wisdom to inspire and motivate you to take action.


In order to move forward you need to take action. Whether it’s a giant leap or a tiny step forward, take action.


Plan B

When working towards something new, it can be hard to know the best way to achieve it. If you find it doesn’t work, craft a Plan B.



If want to do things a little differently today, go for it! Following your original plan to a T can get a little stale.



Work on your goal every single day. Whether its 2 minutes or 2 hours – it all adds up in the end.



Struggling to find the time for your goal? Consider waking up a few minutes earlier to take the pressure of your daily routine.



By acknowledging that failure is a part of life and bound to happen, makes it a lot easier to move past it when it happens.



Just like Ariana in ‘thank u, next’, practice gratitude daily by thinking “I’m so lucky to…”, “I am so thankful for…”



Make a plan for what you’ll do when a hurdle crops up. Or if it’s a new hurdle, think about how you’ll deal with it and take note for next time.



Visualise the end goal. What would your life look like if you achieved your goal? How would today look?



Know that this is your unique path to achieving the life you want. Other’s may do it differently, but this is yours. Own it.



Show yourself kindness when you get things wrong. Stuffing up along the way is to be expected. So don’t beat yourself up. Move past it and carry on.


Locus of Control

Who takes responsibility for what happens in your life? If it’s you, you have an internal locus of control. If you blame your misfortune and attribute your good luck to someone or something else, you have an external locus of control.



Is your goal measurable? Choose a metric to measure it by. It might be time, weight, distance, amount, or value.



Recognise the changes you’ve gone through since Day 1. Do you feel any different? What compliments have you heard from others?



Be open to doing things differently. Opportunities or hurdles will crop up along the way, work with them. Don’t worry about straying from your original plan.



How successful you are depends on your motivation. If you focus on what you have achieved, rather than what you haven’t, you’ll feel like you’re really making waves.



Your goal should add to your quality of life. Does yours?



Remember to review your progress. Take a look at how much has changed since you first began your journey.



Struggling to reach your goal? Break it down into bite sized pieces. It’s 110% ok to start super small.



Set yourself daily, weekly, and monthly targets to keep you on track.



Feeling stuck? Revisit your WHY. What made you want to work towards this goal in the first place? Rekindle those old flames of motivation.



A clear cut end goal is much easier to work towards rather than a vague goal. Take a few minutes to clarify your goal.



Rather than thinking “I want to be debt free”, think about WHEN you’d like to reach that. Give yourself a realistic deadline.



Look after yourself. You are your biggest supporter. If you’re not there for you, who will be?



Take stock every year to acknowledge how much you’ve grown since last year. Not where you want to be? Make a plan for this time next year.



The journey from Day 1 to your end goal isn’t a straight line. It will zig and zag. It’s ok, just move with it.


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