Do you find yourself looking at slim people and wondering how they maintain it? You eat right, you get some exercise in, yet you still don’t feel as slim as you would like to. What do they do that you don’t? Well, let’s blow the lid off, let the cat out of the bag, and reveal the secrets on how they stay in shape.

These are the habits of slim people and how they manage to naturally maintain their physique.


7 Secrets to stay in shape

1# Eat slower

Eating your meal should not be a race

There is no one standing over you with a stopwatch, or lurking behind you trying to steal your dinner. Take the time to enjoy each bite. Chew it thoroughly to savour the flavour and to help with digestion.

By taking your time with your meal, you give your body time to recognise when it is actually full.

Don’t eat everything in your plate if you are satisfied by half. Often by eating fast, you have eaten more than you need to before your body has the chance to register that.


2# Stop when you are full

Eating slower allows your body the time to register when it has had enough food

When you get to that point, stop eating. You are not going to get told off for leaving food on your plate. In fact, it is far worse to keep eating.

After consuming a large meal your body’s top priority is to digest it. That can zap all of your energy, leaving you feeling lethargic.

Every time that you swallow a bite, air gets into your digestive tract. So if you eat too much, you end up with a large buildup of gas in your body. Not only is your stomach expanding to accommodate the extra food, but it also expands with the gas to make you feel bloated.


3# Eat smaller portions

A smaller portion means a smaller calorie intake

The basic premise of losing weight is to consume less calories than you burn. By consuming a smaller portion, you have less to burn! It also helps to keep your metabolism working well.

You can prevent your body from getting so hungry that you end up overeating at your next meal, or going into starvation mode. In starvation mode your body will conserve the energy that it has, slowing down your metabolism and even burning lean muscle for energy if it needs to.


4# Eat good fats

Good fats leave you feeling full and satisfied

If you consume more fats and less carbs, then your body will burn fat for energy.

If your body is burning the fat, then there is no extra to end up in your stores. Good fats include things like meat, eggs, cheese, avocado, nuts, salmon, nut butters, and full fat milk.


5# Buy better food

I don’t mean buying veggies instead of chips

You should do that, but you should also consider buying natural or organic options.

An organic diet has been known to increase your intake of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. Non-organic food is traditionally contaminated with hormones or pesticides.

Organic and non-organic apples have the same nutritional value. But you will end up with more nutrients from organic foods. That is because you are putting a lot less chemicals into your body, so you are better able to absorb the nutrients from an organic apple.


6# Bulk meal prep

Bulk meal prep is a slim person’s best kept secret

If you prepare several bulk meals and portion them out, you have your food set for the week.

That means there is no need to panic about what you are going to have for dinner that night. The food is already there and ready to go.

You can prepare your favourite meals that are packed full of good foods. That way you won’t be tempted to grab for highly processed convenience foods just because your stomach is rumbling.


7# Make healthier choices

Even if it’s as small as 1 teaspoon of sugar in your coffee, rather than 2

This is a bit of a blanket statement that you can apply to all areas of your life. It applies to your eating habits, your activity levels and your daily behaviors.

Choose a beef salad over a beef burger, or choose to take the stairs instead of the elevator, even choose a glass of water instead of another coffee. Making small changes where you can will have a big impact overall.

So there you have it, the 7 top secrets to stay slim. Implement these into your daily life and you will soon start to see the results.

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