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How to Create a Digital Vision Board

Digital Vision Board: The Vision Board for Working People

Like most adults, you probably spend more time at work and commuting than being in the same space as your vision board at home. So, rather than lugging your vision board around, create a digital vision board and keep it on your phone, tablet, laptop and computer.

If you don’t want to create a digital vision board, just take a photo of the one you’ve made and set it as your background. For the crafty people who love to create, keep reading on how to create your digital vision board.


Step 1 – Choose your digital vision board’s focus

You have to know where you’re headed in order to get there. If you already have a vision board, you can use the same focus or choose a completely new one.

Common vision board themes:

  • Being healthier (eating better, moving more, weight loss etc.)
  • Having more money (making more, saving more, financial goals, clearing debt)
  • Increasing gratitude (being thankful for all that you have, appreciating the life you live)
  • Mindset shift (calm, supportive thoughts rather than anxious, negative ones)


Step 2 – Collect your imagery

When collecting imagery for your digital vision board, you’ll want to search for terms related to your goal. For example, say your goal was to have more wealth. You might search for images of money, gold, a cute house, your dream car – whatever inspires you when you look at it.

For me it’s the cute house and money, as they’re the physical objects I’m working towards. When I still had debts to pay I mocked up emails from the companies I had loans with as this helped me visualise the end result.

If you’re working towards being healthier, you may have images of healthy looking meals, a person running or working out, and even before and after progress pics of people who share a similar weight/height ratio to yourself. r/intermittentfasting (a subreddit) is one of my favourite places for daily inspiration.

You’re also welcome to use any of the inspirational and motivational pins I’ve saved on Pinterest!


Step 3 – Choose an app to design your digital vision board

I usually use Adobe’s Photoshop or InDesign for most of my design work, and they usually offer a free trial. But, a great alternative is Canva. They have a free version of the web-based software as well as a premium account. The free one should be enough to start with.

Or if I’m drawing on my iPad, then I’ll use Procreate.

You’ll want to check the dimensions of your devices first, otherwise once you go to set it as your wallpaper or lock screen, it may not be the right fit. Use the site What Is My Screen Resolution? to find out your screen resolution in pixels.


Step 4 – Set it as your background & screensaver

This is the easy bit. Simply save it as the background for your homescreen and lockscreen on your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile.

Here’s a digital vision board I put together for my wealth goals using one of Canva’s collage templates:

I’m working towards owning a home, buying my dream car, having enough to travel (if I ever get sick of work), building a million dollar business, and earning a good wage.

I’ve used images that excite me and inspire me to continue.

Working towards big goals can take a long time. It’s inevitable that motivation will come and go. But check your vision boards frequently for that little boost of excitement to help you on your way!


Steps to Creating Your Digital Vision Board:

  • Choose your focus (keep it the same as your original vision board, or choose something different)
  • Collect your imagery (pick anything that inspires you)
  • Choose the programme you’ll use to create it (Photoshop for techies or Canva for beginners)
  • Save it as your wallpaper on your phone, tablet, laptop or computer (if it looks pixelated, the original file size is too small)

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