How to Overcome Your Hurdles & Temptations

A question people ask before starting their goal is, “what if I screw up?”

Ok let’s leave ‘if’ out of this, because you will mess up. I do. We all do. It’s just how we are. But messing up doesn’t matter, it’s how you deal with it.

Most people think “welp, I’ve ruined it now. No use trying.” And they give up.

Here’s what to do instead of focussing on failure:

  1. Acknowledge that you messed up & consider why it happened
  2. Forgive yourself (it’s not the end of the world)
  3. Make a plan for the next time a hurdle crops up

Get the Overcome Your Hurdles & Temptations Worksheet. It includes an example, so you can get the gist of how to write your plan out.

Trust me, once you make a plan for this sort of thing – reaching your goal becomes effortless! Feeling the weight of shame sliding off your shoulders is a wonderful thing.


How to overcome your hurdles & temptations

Let’s take a look at how Rach dealt with her hurdle. She’s aiming to lose 15kg (30lbs) and reach her goal weight of 70kg (150lbs) within 6 months. Rach is working towards her goal by following the Ketogenic diet, a low-carb high-fat way of eating.

Where did it all go wrong? Well, in the first few days of starting the Keto diet, you’re weaning yourself off carbs. But your body craves them, because it hasn’t switched to using fat as its energy source yet, so it thinks it’s running out of fuel. Your mind is filled with carby thoughts as your body tries to refill your energy sources.

Rach headed to the pantry for the 5th time and saw the open bag of chippies in the pantry. Salt and vinegar too, her favourite. She thought “I’ll just have a couple”, but ended up finishing the bag.

When she finished eating, she felt so ashamed of herself. She felt embarrassed that she wasn’t able to control herself. “All I had to do was NOT eat chips!” Rach was angry for being so weak. You might know how that feels, I know I do.

A few days later she googled how to get back on track with her goal. She came across the Overcome Your Hurdles & Temptations worksheet.

She started filling it out. And after realising that failure is bound to happen & the best thing to do is make a plan for when it does, Rach realised where it had all gone wrong for her. She didn’t consider how her decade old habits, like eating carbs when hungry, might impact on her new way of eating.

This is where most people tend to oversimplify their goals. They assume, “just don’t do the bad thing that you do”. Wow, if that kind of thinking actually worked, we’d all be glamourous millionaires.

But that’s not how this works.


Those habits you’ve been working on for the last 27 years?

Yeah, they’re not going anywhere fast. In fact, they’re going to try harder to keep you in your old routine. Because your brain’s created this habit so it doesn’t have to *think* about what it’s doing. It’s got a billion other things to worry about, like keeping you alive.

It doesn’t want to stop & think about how many carbs are in 3 gluten free sausages, it just wants you to eat so it has fuel to do everything it needs to keep your body humming.

So what can you do about that?

Well, because your brain is so predictable (just look at your daily routines), you make a plan to get around it.

Download the Overcome Your Hurdles & Temptations Worksheet to make your plan. Follow the example on the worksheet to understand how to make it work.


It feels weird planning to fail, but it works

The trick is, once you come up with your plan, put it into action.

Start off with the easiest options first. It’s important that you get those little wins in where you can.

And that’s how you overcome your hurdles & temptations 🙂

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