From Vegan to Zone eating and Paleo to Werewolf, there is no shortage of ways you can eat. You can cut out this and that, you can only eat certain types of food, or you can follow the supposed wisdom of the internet. If you are serious about managing your weight in a quick and natural way, then you should really consider the Keto diet.

Oh, you haven’t heard much about it? Then let me fill you in…


What is the Keto diet?

The Keto (Ketogenic) diet, it is a low carb, moderate protein, high fat way of eating. You end up replacing many of your carbohydrates with high fat foods.

I can hear you asking, but how does that work, won’t eating high fat foods make me gain weight?

No, it won’t. And this is why. When you reduce your carbohydrate intake, your body enters a metabolic state called ketosis. This is when your system produces ketone molecules of fat. These molecules become the energy to fuel your brain, instead of relying on carbohydrates.

The end result is that after a few days on the diet, your body becomes incredibly efficient at burning fat and ketones for energy.


How does it help with weight management?

There is lots of strong evidence that shows the Keto diet helps you lose weight. Not only that, but it has other health benefits too. Here is how it works…

Carb Elimination: Removing a certain food group from your diet reduces your food options. This can help you to noticeably reduce your calorie intake, resulting in fat loss.

Higher Protein: Eating more protein can reduce your hunger and boost your metabolism.

Feeling Full: Because you are eating foods that satisfy your body, you feel fuller for longer. This reduces the need to snack or consume extra calories.

Increased Fat Burning: The Keto diet help increase your body’s fat burn during daily activities, when you exercise, and even while you rest.

Insulin Sensitivity: An increased insulin sensitivity means you only require a small amount of insulin to keep your blood glucose levels in the normal range. This can help your body utilise its fuel sources better and also boosts your metabolism.

In a nutshell, the Keto diet can help you to burn fat more efficiently, reduces your calories intake, and helps you feel fuller for longer when compared to other diets.


Tips for following the Keto diet…

Here are some basic tips that will help you to follow the Keto Diet:

Eliminate Carbs: This is the key factor. Reducing your carb intake to 30g or less a day will show you big results.

Eat: Meat, fish, butter, eggs, cheese, heavy cream, oils, nuts, avocados, seeds and low-carb vegetables.

Don’t Eat: Grains, rice, beans, potatoes, sweets, milk, cereals, fruits and high-carb vegetables.

Be Prepared: Sometimes it can be hard to find low-carb options when you are out, so pack a few snacks to beat an attack of hunger.

Don’t Skip Your Veggies: Because you are eating a lot of foods that are high in fat, make sure to balance them with lots of low-carb veggies to keep you full.

Track Your Progress: Don’t simply rely on the scales to tell you how you are going. Also take photos and record measurements so that you can see how far you have come.

Be Consistent: There is no magic formula for weight loss. Even though the Keto diet helps you to burn fat quicker, it still requires dedication to stick to the diet.

So is the Keto diet for you? Everyone has different tastes, lifestyles, metabolism, genes and body types, so there is no one size fits all diet option. If you are a carb-lover or a vegetarian, then this diet could be hard for you to stick to.

But, if you’re looking for a sustainable and effective way to lose weight, then I can definitely recommend the Keto diet. In fact, I have been on it myself for the last 3 months and have lost 12kg so far. So I can vouch for it 100%

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