Success in goal setting begins with one thing: mindset.

Mindset is your way of thinking, and this is what translates into behaviour. This is important, because behaviour is what gets things done. Your mindset has the power to hold you back, or propel you forward.

Even a small shift in mindset can begin to produce new results. When you set your 90 day goals, take the time to set your mindset too.

The impact of mindset

Imagine for a moment that you are working toward a fitness goal. There are many different mindsets that you could have (and chances are, you will experience more than one). Your mindset consists of your thoughts, and the beliefs that you have about yourself and your abilities.

You may believe yourself to be unfit. Now, whether this is true or not actually doesn’t matter. Believing it is where the power is. Take a moment to consider what impact this belief may have.

  • What thoughts would run through your head as you get ready for a workout?
  • How would that impact your levels of motivation as you try to establish some strong habits?
  • What might this belief lead you to focus on as you workout?

Alternatively, imagine you are working toward this same fitness goal. But this time you choose to redefine that belief. Now, it can be extremely hard to completely flip a limiting belief on its head. You may need to start small. You could make a small shift to “I am working on my fitness” or “I am capable of becoming fit, strong, and healthy”. These are small shifts, but consider for a moment how the impact changes.

  • What additional thoughts might be in your head as you get ready?
  • What impact would this have on your motivation?
  • Where would your focus be during your workout?

Identifying your mindset

Now this may not be the mindset that specifically works for you, but the point is that you have the power to shift your mindset. There are mindsets that are useful to you, your goals, and your progress. And there are mindsets that aren’t. Building the ability to shift your mindset, begins with building awareness.

Start by simply paying attention to the thoughts and beliefs that run through your head. Notice the way they impact how you feel, and what you do. It is important at this stage to also be mindful of any judgement you put on yourself at this point. There is no sense in holding judgement when this does not serve you or your goals well either.

Once you are in the practice of noticing your mindset, start identifying the mindsets that are not serving you well. What mindset would better support you and your goals?

What a positive mindset looks like

A useful mindset is one that propels you forward.

One that supports your progress, and allows you to explore the options available to you (without judging the inevitable mistakes that you will face along the way).

Mastering mindset is never about getting it right 100% of the time. It’s about paying attention, noticing the impact, and adjusting when you can.

Where to from here?

Congratulate yourself on investing in yourself. Because that is what mindset work is – an investment.

An investment in yourself, your goals, and your future progress. You will be seeing dividends soon. You will find that the when you check in with your mindset regularly, you will begin to develop a natural awareness of your mindset.

Now you can start to develop the strategies that help you shift your mindset to where it needs to be.

For some ideas to get you started, read 4 Ways to Shift Your Mindset.

Tara Jackson | Life Alignment Coach

I am on a mission to empower women to make powerful and lasting change within their lives to establish a life where they thrive. With more than a decade in working in (and on) personal development I am passionate about supporting people to find their potential, and the potential of their lives.

Through 1:1 coaching I offer the space, clarity, and accountability to help you shift into yours.

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