We’re often taught growing up that our lives should amount to something big. Like having a high profile career, lots of money, owning a mansion, travelling the world, having kids etc.

So, when we’re not living that ‘best life’, we often feel shame, guilt or anxiety because we’re not where we “should” be in life.

And a lot of “self-help gurus” capitalise on those uneasy feelings. They promise you it’s achievable, you just need to want it hard enough and it’ll happen. While these stories often fuel motivation, the reality is often disappointing. There’s no straight line to success.

That’s the difference with The Daily Goalgetter. We know life is messy and has its ups and downs. As part of the Goalgetter Gang, you choose to approach goals in a realistic way.

This means to embrace challenges, embrace the messiness of life, to work with what you have in front of you - not fretting about what life “should” be.

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