The Relaxed Approach to Personal Growth

Stephani Lord-Harman

In 2016, Stephani Lord-Harman founded The Daily Goalgetter (originally named Ninety Days) because she was tired of living a life she didn’t enjoy.

She worked a job she hated, lived pay to pay, was in a truck load of debt, and had no real goals to work towards. Her future seemed bleak, and this upset her when she thought about it.

This is where her journey in self-development began.

Perhaps she was looking in the wrong places, but most of the advice she came across was unhelpful...

From self-proclaimed-gurus sharing their unrealistic life stories (“you too can be a millionaire overnight!”), to Law of Attraction believers saying “you just need to WANT it enough and it’ll happen!”, and people spouting goals MUST be SMART goals, anything else is unacceptable… she was completely lost & confused.

It was at that point Steph knew she had to clarify and simplify the goal setting process, to bring the human factor back into the picture.


What The Daily Goalgetter Does Differently

Honest, human advice. We look at the psychological aspect of mindset, manifesting, and goal setting. Plus, we only share advice that you can realistically add to your daily routine. You won’t find articles on how to get shredded abs here, but rather little movements you can do (like popping a couple of squats while you wait for the jug to boil).

Simple products that work. Our affirmation cards are designed to help you develop a resilient mindset to reach your goals, no matter how small they are.

No over inflated egos telling you to be just like them. You’re already the best version of you, we’re only here to support you in your own self development journey.

Always supported. Whatever it is you’re working towards, you are more than welcome to contact Steph at any time.


Ready to start your journey?

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