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It's time to take action & make your dreams reality!

How it Works

Our Printable Affirmation Cards are digital, so you can easily print them yourself at home! Here's how they work.

1. Download after purchase

After you've chosen which affirmation cards you want, after purchase they'll be available to download on both the checkout page, as well as via an email sent to you with the links.

Single affirmation card sets will have a single PDF to download. Whereas larger sets like the Daily Affirmation Deck or Bundles will include a ZIP folder containing multiple files, but the ZIP folder needs to be unzipped before the PDFs can be printed.

Not sure how to unzip a ZIP folder? Follow these simple steps.  


2. Decide how you want your cards to look

Each affirmation card set includes both a color version and a black & white version. The black & white version is ideal for printing on colored paper, foiling with a laser printer, or if you just want that monochrome look.

We recommend using thick paper or cardstock between 160-240gsm+/60lb-90lb+. You can even make them into stickers!

It's important to check what paper weight your printer can handle.


3. Print your cards

Your affirmation cards can be printed with with an Inkjet or Laser printer.

When the print dialog box pops up, choose the highest settings your printer offers - this will give you nice crisp, clear text on the card.

If you don’t have a printer, take this file to your local print shop. They'll ask you to email the file or take it on a USB drive.


4. Cut your cards to size

Follow the cut lines with a pair of scissors, paper trimmer or guillotine. 


5. Display your affirmation cards

Stick your affirmation cards to your vision board, inspiration wall, journal or planner - anywhere you'll see them often!

The more often you visualize your affirmations, the more your brain remembers how to deal with these situations. So the next time they crop up, it’s almost like a reflex, your mind and body automatically know what to do!

Use washi tape, pegs, or sticky tack and apply them to vision board, wall, or planner/journal.


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