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Digital orders are processed immediately. Orders to be shipped are processed same or next day from Auckland, New Zealand.


Orders may be processed in USD, NZD (New Zealand Dollar), or your local currency depending on payment method chosen.

How to Use Positive Affirmations

1. Choose Meaningful Affirmations

Whether you're feeling anxious, want to improve your body image, or are about to want to work on your confidence - you'll find Positive Affirmation Cards to suit from our wide range.

2. Place Your Affirmation Cards

You want affirmations in a location that you see often. For some people this might be their desk, mirror, fridge, wallet, or planner. Choose a few that resonate with you in this moment.

3. Catch a Glimpse, Imagine It

The more often these visualizations take place, the more your brain remembers how to deal with these situations. So the next time they crop up, it’s almost like a reflex, your mind and body automatically know what to do!

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