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Health & Wellbeing Bundle: Affirmation Cards for Health, Stress & Yoga

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Our Health & Wellbeing Bundle contains Printable Affirmation Cards that are designed to help you with intuitive eating, improve mental health & manage stress.

Positive affirmations help you create positive belief systems about yourself, and gain motivation through personal empowerment. Let this deck inspire you to take action while reprogramming beliefs that hold you back!

Perfect for vision boards, journals, planners - or a thoughtful gift.

Bundle includes:
  1. 30 Printable Affirmation Cards for Health
  2. 30 Printable Affirmation Cards for Stress
  3. 30 Printable Affirmation Cards for Yoga
Each set also includes:

+ Black & White Version
The same 30 affirmations, just in plain black text. Perfect for printing on colored paper, or to foil with a laser printer & laminator.

+ Blank Cards
Every set includes 8 blank cards to write your own positive affirmations. Blank affirmation cards come in both color, as well as black & white.

+ Storage Box
Store your cards safely when not in use with the included storage box. Each set has its own themed box, making it easy to find your affirmation cards.

How Printable Affirmation Cards work:

1. Download & Print

Files are available after purchase via the email sent to you or from your account. Next, print on thick paper using high quality print settings. Fits on Letter, A5, A4, and A3 size paper.

2. Cut to Size

Line up the cut marks with scissors or paper trimmer & cut! The black & white set has a border around the card to help cut. When printed on Letter or A4 paper, they're similar in size to a business card.

3. Decorate & Transform

Add cards to your vision board, planner or journal with pegs, washi tape, pins, or paperclips. Keep your vision board somewhere you'll see it often & feel your mindset begin to shift.

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