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Zoom Whole Store Bundle: All 33 Positive Affirmation Card Sets

Whole Store Bundle: All 33 Positive Affirmation Card Sets

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Our Whole Store Bundle contains over 1,300+ printable affirmation cards designed to help you find success, feel confident & live a purposeful life.

Suitable for either Laser or Inkjet printer. If you don't have a printer handy, take the printable PDF to any local print store.

When printed on A4/Letter, each card will be around 3.5” x 2.3” (9cm x 6 cm). Can also be printed on A5 for mini cards, or A3 for jumbo sized cards. There are 8 cards per page.

Each set includes a bonus Black & White version, suitable for printing on colored paper, or foiling with a laser printer. Blank cards are also included so you can write your own affirmations!

Each affirmation set includes its own stylish storage box to store your cards in safely.

This bundle includes:

Whole Store Bundle: All 33 Positive Affirmation Card Sets

$97.00 Regular price $132.80

How to Use Printable Affirmation Cards:

1. Download & Print

For best results, print on thick paper using high quality print settings. Suitable for Laser & Inkjet printers. Fits on Letter, A5, A4, and A3 paper. Use A5 for mini cards & A3 for jumbo cards!

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2. Cut to Size

Line up the cut marks with scissors or paper trimmer & cut! When printed on A4/Letter size paper, cards are approx. 3.5” x 2.3” (9cm x 6 cm) in size. There are 8 cards per page.

3. Decorate & Transform

Add cards to your vision board, planner or journal with pegs, washi tape, pins, or paper clips. The trick is to keep your vision board somewhere you'll see it often!

Themed Storage Box

Store your cards safely when not in use with the included storage box. Each set has its own themed box, making it easy to find your affirmation cards.

Black & White Cards

The same affirmations, but in plain black text. Perfect for printing on colored paper, or to foil with a laser printer & laminator.

Blank Cards

Every set includes blank cards to write your own positive affirmations. Blank affirmation cards come in both color, as well as black & white.

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