How to improve your mindset

4 Ways to Shift Your Mindset with Life Coach Tara Jackson

In Part 1 we explored the impact mindset has on our goals and our progress.

But how to we begin to shift our mindset to one that supports our progress and gives us the best possible chance of success?

Your mindset is influenced by many things, and therefore there are many ways that you can create a shift. Some of these things are small, like talking a walk or getting some fresh air. Others are big, like doing some work with a coach or learning about the brain.

When you explore strategies and practice noticing their impact you will start to build a toolbox of strategies ready to be used when needed. Here are some ideas to get you started.

4 Ways to Shift Your Mindset

1. Redefine failure

Most of us define failure as anything other than the specific result we are going for. Defining failure in this way limits our thinking, limits our options, and limits our growth. This limiting thinking will also limit our progress toward our goals. Why? Because when we hit a challenge where the result is uncertain, failure is almost guaranteed meaning we give up before we have even started.

A useful mindset will instead see opportunity, learning, and growth. Whilst the desired result may be the same, a person in a useful mindset will understand that “getting it wrong” actually leads us closer to “getting it right” and the only “failure” is doing nothing at all.


2. Practice acknowledging success

The human brain naturally (and habitually) focusses on the negative. What went wrong? What could I do better? This is useful reflection for learning, but only works effectively when it is also balanced by a focus on the positive.

Practice acknowledging and celebrating your successes. No matter how small. This is particularly important on your big bold long term goals.

Chances are, when you first write your big bold goal into your 90 Day Goal Planner your motivation and excitement is high.

But 90 days is a long time. You may be tempted to gloss over the daily prompt “Today I achieved…” but this is where focus, motivation, and a useful mindset comes from: acknowledging and celebrating your success, your progress.


3. Pay attention to your language

Your mindset (and therefore the behaviour, habits, and results you are getting) is fed by your thoughts. Be mindful of the language you use in the stories that you tell yourself.

Do you often find yourself saying things like “I can’t do this!” or “I am no good at this”? These statements, whilst they may seem small, feed a large impact through your mindset.

Practice replacing these statements with something more useful: “I can do this!” or “by learning what doesn’t work, I am moving closer to learning what does!”.

If this shift feels too large for you, start by introducing this one powerful word: “yet!”.

This one word can create a bridge between a limiting mindset, and a useful one. Instead of “I can’t do this!” you have “I can’t do this… yet!”. Instead of “I am no good at this!” you have “I am no good at this… yet!”.


4. Create a clear vision

Create a clear vision around your end goal. Let go of ‘HOW’ you will achieve it (this comes later) and start with the ‘WHAT’ and the ‘WHY’. Be a specific, detailed, and clear as you can.

By creating clarity in this vision your brain has something to connect to. This connection will allow you to more naturally shift into a useful mindset.

Find ways to continue to connect with this vision on a regular basis. Use your 90 Days Goal Planner, create a vision board, talk about it, define a mantra.

Working on mindset isn’t an overnight process. Nor is it a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

This process is about trying things out and finding what works for you. Approach mindset work with a sense of curiosity.

Allow yourself to play around with ideas, and then let go of the ones that don’t work so well for you. Then you can take the ones that do work well for you and practice, practice, practice.

Before you know it, a useful mindset that works for you will come naturally.

Tara Jackson | Life Alignment Coach

I am on a mission to empower women to make powerful and lasting change within their lives to establish a life where they thrive. With more than a decade in working in (and on) personal development I am passionate about supporting people to find their potential, and the potential of their lives.

Through 1:1 coaching I offer the space, clarity, and accountability to help you shift into yours.

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