30 Printable Affirmations for Healthy Eating


Use the power of positive thinking to achieve your goals when it comes to healthy eating with these printable affirmation cards! Daily affirmations can help you gradually change the way you think about food and overcome those urges to binge on unhealthy junk.

Purchase the Healthy Eating Affirmation Cards to start achieving your health goals!


  • 30 printable affirmation cards (8 pages with 4 per page)



  • Post the individual cards where you will see them often: on the fridge, at your desk, in your car or even on the bathroom mirror.
  • Every time you catch a glimpse of one of the cards, concentrate on the affirmation on it and use it to visualize yourself reaching your goals.
  • After a few days, you’ll start to notice a change in the way you think, feel and behave: it’s the Law of Attraction.
  • The more often you use daily affirmations, the sooner you’ll see results!



  • Print at home on a LaserJet or inkjet printer or choose to get them professionally printed.
  • Recommended to print on thicker paper or ideally on card stock between 120-250 gsm.


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