90-Day Goal Planner


Plan, track & achieve your goal over 90 days!

Discover your goal-setting personality type, learn how to set a goal that actually works, and make steady progress over 90 days.

Every daily tracking page includes a schedule, to do list, daily achievement, space for notes, drawings or scribbles, and a ‘you are here’ marker system.

+ Your goal planner is eco-friendly! Printed on 100% recycled paper, made in New Zealand.

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What’s your goal setting type?

You probably don’t know! Which is why you’ve had such a hard time trying to stay focussed & motivated so far.

Personality is important in goal setting. Because goals aren’t one-size-fits-all. There’s a path for you, you just need to know what it is. Learn about your goal setting type in the 90-day goal planner.

Learn how to set goals that work.

Making a SMART is only part of the story. But don’t worry, the goal planner makes setting your goal totally painless. All the questions are there, so just pop your answers in. Easy.

Get it done, one day at a time.

You don’t need to go hard out every day to reach your goal. It can be done in as little as 5 minutes a day. You just need to know how.

It’s not just a planner.

• You’ll learn about your goal setting personality type
• There’s tips & tricks to stay on track
• Learn how to break your goal into bite-sized pieces

This is where other goal planners fall flat.

They don’t consider how you set goals or where you’re trying to get to.
They assume we’re all the same and that every goal can be achieved in the same way.

Plan & track your progress, daily.

  • 90 Goal tracking pages (to track your progress)
  • Daily schedule (to plan your day)
  • To-do checklist (to keep yourself accountable)
  • Encouraging daily quotes (to motivate you)
  • Daily achievement (to acknowledge your wins)
  • ‘You Are Here’ marker system (to see your progress)

💰 Grow your wealth.

Break free from the chains of debt and stop living pay-to-pay. Take charge of your finances.  In 90 days time you could have money in the bank & a chunk of debt out of your life.

🍏 Better your health.

Use the goal planner to lose weight. Eat better food. Track your meals & fitness. Start a regular exercise routine. In 90 days time you could be shopping for clothes 2 dress sizes smaller.

👸 Improve yourself.

Get out of a funk. Develop a positive mindset. Learn to be assertive at work. Feel confident speaking in front of people. In 90 days time you could be a confident version of you who knows what she wants & where she’s going in life.

What’s in the goal planner?

  • Intro to the Ninety Days project
  • Your goal – state your goal & ideal deadline
  • Goal-spiration (if you’re not sure which goal to start with)
  • Your pledge (a promise to be kind to yourself over the next 90 days)
  • Goal breakdown exercise
  • Tips to stay on track
  • Personality quiz & results
  • 90 daily goal tracking pages
  • Reflections (lessons you’ve learnt along the way)
  • Ideas (for how to approach your next goal)
  • Future goals (where you want to go next)

All up – over 120+ pages!

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