1. Live beneath your means

Obviously, right? But it can actually be quite tricky to do. Especially if you don’t keep a close eye on your in’s & out’s. A good way to keep on top of things is to write up an ideal budget and then your actual budget.

The actual budget will contain every income and expense. But your ideal budget might just have your income coming in, as well as only necessary costs. For example, my ideal budget had ZERO debt repayments on it, as well as a slightly higher income. 3 months later and my actual budget now looks very close to my ideal budget!


2. Return everything you borrow

How often have you asked to borrow something but neglected to give it back. And now that it’s been so long since you borrowed it – it’d feel weird to give it back. Here’s the thing, it’s not yours to keep. And you’ll both feel better upon returning it (no matter how long you’ve had it). Post it back if you can’t/don’t want to do it in person.


3. Stop blaming other people

Why do we do it? Because it’s so easy to deflect the blame & remove the responsibility from yourself. When you accept responsibility, it shows humility. And it allows everyone involved to move on and find a solution. But when everyone’s playing the blame game, nothing improves.


4. Admit when you make a mistake

Did ya mess up recently? I do it all the time. Whether it’s something small (like forgetting a lunch date with a friend), or something big (like accidentally sending highly confidential info to the wrong email address…), own up to it. We’re all human. Nobody’s perfect. And when we acknowledge a mistake, it’s so much easier to learn from. Do yourself a favour and admit when you make a mistake.


5. Give clothes not worn to charity

If they’re in good nick, don’t throw them out. Donate them to your local charity shop and let others enjoy them.


6. Do something nice & try not to get caught

Quite often people will do something nice in order to get either recognition, or something else in return. But the real feel good feelings are when you do something nice & don’t expect anything in return.


7. Listen more; talk less

Women are usually pretty good at this, but we all know one person who continuously talks about themselves non-stop. They never ask how you’re doing. It’s all “me me me”. Don’t be that person.


8. Everyday take a 30-minute walk

It’s as easy as walking to somewhere for 15 minutes and then walking back. Do it on your breaks at work if you feel exhausted when you get home.


9. Strive for excellence, not perfection

You know what? Sometimes 80% is good enough. You don’t need to hit 100% all of the time.  It’ll be ok.


10. Be on time, don’t make excuses

Plan ahead. If you know traffic will be absolutely crap, leave earlier. Don’t habitually blame traffic for being late.


11. Don’t argue, get organised

Some people enjoy arguing because they like to win. But instead, get your facts organised and leave it at that. Is it really worth your energy?


12. Be kind to unkind people

And I don’t mean be a doormat and give in to their demands. Just be polite. They’re not worth wasting your energy on.


13. Let someone cut ahead of you in line

If you can see someone is clearly in a rush, elderly, preggo, disabled, or has a kid hanging off them – let them cut ahead of you. You’ll make their day and help them out by having to wait

You can do this in traffic, too. Leave a gap between you and the next car & expect people to slip in. That way, you won’t get annoyed when people slip in front. Because you left that gap for them to do just that!


14. Take time to be alone

Take the time to enjoy your own company. Snuggle up, read a book, write in a journal, listen to music.


15. Cultivate good manners

Using your manners is always a good thing. Especially when dealing with people older than you, more senior than you, or a client and customer. Being polite will always get you places. And that doesn’t mean you need to be a doormat. You can still be assertive while being polite.


16. Be humble

You can still be humble and celebrate your wins – but when you use it to ‘one up’ someone else’s achievements, that’s bragging. Be content with yourself & your achievements. You don’t need anyone’s approval.


17. Realise and accept that life isn’t fair

The moment you accept the cards you’ve been dealt (rather than complain or blame), the quicker you can learn from it and do something about it.

Life is full of challenges & hurdles. To expect life to stay the same day in and day out, is unrealistic. Rather than focus on your misfortune, ask yourself, “what can I do to make this better?”


18. Know when to keep your mouth shut

If you can see someone doing something obviously wrong, just let them try their method first. Then later you can say “hey you gave me an idea before, what if you tried it like this?”

People don’t like to hear what they’ve been doing wrong. Mostly because they already know, but feel too ashamed to acknowledge their lack of skill and ask for help.


19. Go an entire day without criticising someone

You don’t need to always point out people’s flaws or tell someone how to deal with something. Take a day off from criticising. In fact, you could focus on looking for things to praise instead!


20. Learn from the past, plan for the future

If you’re like me, you need to learn the hard way (i.e. ignoring the red flags and then getting upset with the result). When you land yourself in one of these positions, take a few minutes to pause & reflect. What lead to this? What could you have done differently? And, what will you do to avoid this again?


21. Don’t sweat the small stuff; because it’s all small stuff


22. Live in the present

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