You know what you want. Maybe you have set your goals. Perhaps you have a clear direction. You may even have planned it all out.

Then life comes along. That mountain of washing, your work schedule, family, your to-do list. The initial motivation fades, and before you know it you are way off track. Here’s the good news: this is a completely natural progression. What you are missing is a daily connection to your goal, your vision, your drive.

There are many ways to create this connection, but I would like to share with you this simple, fun, and powerful way: creating a vision board.

What is a vision board?

A vision board is simply a collection of words and images that together represent your vision or goal. Traditional vision boards will consist of magazine cut outs, photos, and text, displayed together on a pin board or frame, but today there are many other options available.

No matter which option you take, the purpose remains the same: to connect you with your goal.

How to create a vision board in 5 easy steps

#1 Reflect

A great vision board starts with some strong reflection. Set aside a good block of time that can be as distraction free as possible. This is the most important step of the process, so don’t rush it. Give yourself the space, time, and freedom to explore.

Your reflection time will vary depending on the sort of vision board you would like to create – a specific goal (e.g. running 10km), a specific area of your life (e.g. health and wellness), or a specific period of time (e.g. the year ahead).

Whichever one you choose, take the time to reflect on the following four areas:

  1. What would I like to see happen, and how will I recognise success?
    • What will I see?
    • What will I hear?
    • What will I feel?
    • Who will I be?
    • What will I be doing?
  2. What obstacles stand in my way?
  3. What are the key steps?
    • What actions will I take?
    • What tools and resources can I draw on?
    • Who can support me?
    • What habits can I establish to support my success?
  4. What will success mean to me?

The more detail and specificity you can build in your reflection the better. So, dig deep. This can be uncomfortable, so be gentle with yourself. Allow yourself the time to explore and fears and doubts surrounding your vision, and identify the things that will support you to break through these barriers.

#2 Plan

Once you have a clear vision, take the time to identify the key elements of your vision.

Look for:

  • Specific words, phrases, quotes
  • Key messages
  • Core feelings
  • Key steps or actions

Use this the plan out your vision board. There is no right or wrong way to create your vision board, providing you take the time to consider which words, images, and messages will best represent your vision.

Remember, the purpose of your vision board is to connect you with your goal. Make it work for you.

#3 Collect

Once you have a clear idea of what words and images you are looking for, start collecting.

Where you collect your images and text from is entirely up to you. Some options are:

  • Cut images and words from magazines
  • Print words or quotes
  • Write or draw
  • Use photos
  • Print images off google or pinterest

As you go through the collection process follow your intuition. If it feels good, grab it. There will be time for editing later.

#4 Edit

Once you have a good selection of images and text available, now is the time to edit. Come back to your plan and ask yourself how each item represents your vision. Are all your key messages, steps, actions, feelings, and words represented?

Consider carefully how each item makes you feel. If it elicits feelings of judgement, comparison, or criticism then I would suggest it has no place on your vision board. Focus on what you want, but not at the expense of who you are.

#5 Create your vision board

Start by laying everything out on your board or paper. Let go of your inner perfectionist, and trust yourself and the process. This is not about creating a beautiful work of art, but about creating a strong connection to your beautiful vision!

Lay it out in a way that feels right to you. Then, once you are happy, start gluing.

Will my vision board work?

A vision board is an incredibly powerful tool to connect you with what you want to happen.

When you take the time to create a truly intentional and specific vision board, it can boost motivation, focus, drive, and determination. But here’s the thing: for a vision board to work for you, you also need to do the work.

Once you have this beautiful representation of your goal, use it. Put it somewhere that you will see it every day. Take the time to reflect with it, set intentions with it, and track your progress with it.

Take the time to do these things, and yes, your vision board will work wonders.

Tara Jackson | Life Alignment Coach

I am on a mission to empower women to make powerful and lasting change within their lives to establish a life where they thrive. With more than a decade in working in (and on) personal development I am passionate about supporting people to find their potential, and the potential of their lives.

Through 1:1 coaching I offer the space, clarity, and accountability to help you shift into yours.


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