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Weekly Roundup Nov 7th: How to Set Goals, Things Slim People Do Naturally & More

This week we look at how to set goals for us fallible humans, why you should start investing NOW, what slim people naturally do to stay in shape, and we uncover how to get what you want through goal setting.

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Book Club | The Barefoot Investor: The Only Money Guide You’ll Ever Need

This book has been my bible when it comes to finances. It’s perfect for those just starting out and wanting to get on top of their debts, start saving, and look into investing.

Scott gives you simple rules to follow, and doesn’t stop you from splurging while you save. Grab your copy of The Barefoot Investor, here.


7 Things Slim People Do to Stay In Shape

Do you find yourself looking at slim people and wondering how they maintain it? Well, it’s time to reveal the secrets on how they stay in shape…


How to Set Goals for Humans

What does it mean to be human? To feel emotion. Flawed. So why do we set goals as if we’re flawless beings? Here’s 3 ways to set goals for humans.


Why Investing in Shares Young is Great for Your Financial Future

New Zealanders tend not to invest. But people of all ages can profit from investing in shares, and there are so many benefits to starting young. Here’s why…


How To Get What You Want Through Goal Setting

You can manifest anything you want with the right technique. Here’s how you can use powerful goal setting ideas to help The Law of Attraction work for you.


10 Printable Motivational Quotes to Inspire


From health and wellness to financial or personal goals, these motivating and empowering quotes will prompt you to alter your behaviours and focus on positive change.

Each one displays a different inspirational quote to encourage positive thoughts to replace negative ones. Get yours here!


“There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs.”

– Unknown


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